About us


Pui-Yuk standing in front of some Sakura trees

This is me, プヨ (Pui-Yuk)! A Chinese, born and raised in Holland. Graduated in ’05 and working ever since.  Every now and then went on vacation to different countries. But one country stood out from all the rest…

In 2007 we went on vacation to Tokyo for just 8 days, and we have loved this country ever since! In 2008 we came here again. This time for about 2,5 weeks traveling around in beautiful Japan and felt even more affinity with this country.

Even though I found a very good job I was ready for a new adventure. We decided to try and live in Tokyo for 6 months. A big decision, because this means we had to quit our jobs. Say “byebye” to security and go into the unknown!


And this is me レミ (Remi Schouten), half Chinese half Dutch and born in Holland and totally in love with Japan ever since our first visit.

I have been working in the internet industry since 2002 and own my own web agency and currently work as a freelance web designer and front-end developer on internet projects. (on a side note: If you have any projects let me know ;))

The things that keep me busy next to work are; cars, photography, videography, learning Japanese and working on this blog.

With this blog we want to share all the cool stuff in and from Japan.



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