Rainy fashion

23 Apr, 2010


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Tokyo is a very fashion forward city, with a lot of different styles. Some really eye-hurting-ugly and some really top-notch classy and a lot in between. But almost everyone pays a lot of attention to their appearance, except in the district where manga, maid cafes and electronics dictate the rules, otaku-town also known as Akihabara.

But Tokyo can also be very rainy and supposedly May and June are 2 months filled with a lot of rain. That doesn’t sound good! But how does fashionable Tokyo deal with that.

Yeap fashionable rain boots,.. that’s crazy. What’s next? Rain sneakers, rain pumps? Well actually when thinking about it, why not? I haven’t seen any rain sneakers yet, but if I find a pair I might want to buy them, especially for the rain season. While I’m at it, I’d like a fashionable rain coat on the side.

Could this be something for the other countries as well?

rain boots


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3 Comments to “Rainy fashion”

  1. Manuel
    25 April, 2010

    They look just like my boots!


  2. 25 April, 2010

    Maybe I should add a picture of you with your rain boots :P

  3. Manuel
    26 April, 2010



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