Yay cheap ramen!!

29 Apr, 2010


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Today we found the best ramen ever!!! We were on our way back from a day of shopping in Shibuya. Biking to Shibuya took us about 1 hour which is ok. There is a district which isn’t very far from our house, they have all kinds of restaurants, bars, etc. I think this district is also mainly for foreigners, not so much the tourist kind but the foreigners working in Tokyo. Anyway this ramen place is great! It’s ubercheap (370 yen for 1 bowl of ramen), it’s close to home (10 min by bike) and most importantly it’s sooooo delicious!!!! Definately get some gyoza when you eat ramen (180 yen :) ).

Grotere kaart weergeven


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3 Comments to “Yay cheap ramen!!”

  1. Benzo
    21 November, 2010

    Ooohh what place is this? coming to japan next week and want to try this place out along with other ramen joints I am goin to check out

  2. Dragon
    15 March, 2012

    It would be helpful to have a name and a address to find this place, Thank You

  3. 15 March, 2012

    That would be helpful :)

    I’ll add a link to the post. Although this seems to be a restaurant chain, so you can find it all over Tokyo. Next to that this surely not the best ramen we ate but for the price not bad at all.

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