Asakusa shrine

01 May, 2010


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On sunday the 25th we went to Asakusa to see the Sensoji temple again. Last time we were here was in 2007, that’s a long time ago! Unfortunately the Sensoji main hall is currently under renovation and covered by scaffolding so we couldn’t see it. That didn’t spoil our fun though!

It was a very crowded day at the shrine on this beautiful day, because there was a festival going on. Everywhere there were stands with all kinds of food (noodles, weeners on sticks, sweet potatoes, bananas covered with sugar on a stick).

Another wedding at the shrine. Typically Asakusa with the running men+carts.

This guy was doing some old school performance for kids. He was moving the drawings around whilst making a story. He had the typical japanese cartoons-voice. Reminded me of the cartoon back in the day: Professor IQ / Dr. Slump!!!

This was the craziest thing ever. It’s a porn shop (posters, Plug Lust, calenders, dvd’s, etc)  with a creepy shopowner :P. Weird thing about this is the fact that it’s located right in front of the entrance of a childrens funfare.  The guy’s shameless.

Crying baby contest at Asakusa!! I read about this contest online, but didn’t realise it was on this day. Lucky us!

“All parents wish for their children to grow up strong and healthy. Behind Sensoji Temple, there is a statue of the 9th Danjuro in his role of Kamakura Gengoro in the Kabuki play Shibaraku. The statue shows him as the famous brave and strong-willed child in bangs who spoke his forceful lines in child-like speech. In honor of the 9th Danjuro’s performance of this role, naki-zumo has been held at Sensoji Temple since 1991.”

So the goal was for the baby’s to cry. Moms and dads hand over the baby’s to the sumo wrestlers (or just plain fat guys, who says they sumo?). They come up to eachother, lightly shaking the babies. While the guy in the middle makes weird sounds… Somehow most babies did start to cry! And when they didn’t, the men sitting in the corners would come up wearing scary masks just to make ‘m cry. Japanese culture is fun :).


Afterwards we walked around a bit. In this picture you can see the new Tokyo tower they’re building (on the left)! On the right you see the big golden shit. What’s up with that?


3 Comments to “Asakusa shrine”

  1. Kimberly
    7 May, 2010

    ‘big golden shit’ very nice way of putting it ;-)

  2. valerie
    10 May, 2010

    sjonge sjonge… wat een aparte mensen zijn die jappanners toch.. je baby voor het leven

  3. valerie
    10 May, 2010

    ik bedoel natuurlijk japanners…

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