First Japanese lesson

06 Apr, 2010


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Today our Japanese lessons has begun. As expected I failed the intensive course miserably yesterday so I’m doing the conversation course. Luckily my class starts in the morning. Remi’s doing the intensive course so he had his lesson in the afternoon.

I got up at about 7.30 in the morning, this would be the first time for me to travel all by myself! A bit anxious but everything went fine thanks to the markings on the floor. Japan has all kinds of handy things like this, one of the things I love about this country. Even an otaku like me with no sense of direction at all in Tokyo found my way to school.

The blue line pointing to the mita line at Jimbocho station

Arrived at school at 9 AM. My class has about 18 people from countries all over. A variety of students, some still in high school some students from universities and some already working (or worked and quit their job like me ;) ). I enjoyed the first lesson a lot, though most of the material I already knew. Our teacher is a very funny woman, a typical Japanese woman with funny japanese gestures. For this course we get 3 different teachers depending on the day of the week. Hopefully tomorrow’s teacher will also be this nice.

After class I met Remi for lunch, we had about an hour till his lesson would start. Bought some bread in a convenient store and ate it outside in a tiny park. Convenient stores in Japan are amazing by the way, they sell just about everything (bread, sushi, salads, cup noodles, chips, underwear, notebooks, whatever!). They also have microwaves and hot water dispensers so you can really eat your lunch in there!

We had our first encounter with Japanese pigeons this day! At first we didn’t recognize it at all because it didn’t look like the mutant pigeons we’re used to in Amsterdam. It looked so strange especially without the disfigured feet! But then it started begging us and everyone around us for food, so it had to be a pigeon! Anyway, of course we didn’t give it any food, cuz then he would tell all the other pigeons and then we would get attacked by Japanese pigeons…Nah we wouldn’t want that!

Weather was amazing today, so after lunch I went for a walk to see the cherry blossom trees at the Tokyo Emperial Palace. It was even better than the day we went before, because some leaves were already falling on the ground, too bad I didn’t bring my camera.. :(. I’ll try again tomorrow.


2 Comments to “First Japanese lesson”

  1. 17 April, 2010

    Don’t you just love those flying rats in Amsterdam…

  2. Jessica Man
    22 April, 2010

    Next time don’t forget to make a picture of the JAPANESE pigeon…..i’m very curious now.

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