Going on a Road Trip!

01 Oct, 2010

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This being the last weekend of our holidays before school starts again, and needing to focus on learning Japanese, we are going on a Road Trip in Nagano prefecture!

Again we opted to go for Mazda rent a car because they are just cheap. I got a call from them yesterday saying that the car we reserved was wrecked, so we get a free upgrade to a Mazda Demio. Being happy with that I didn’t realize it would also increase the costs of the toll. We initially reserved a Kei-car because it’s cheaper in toll and gas. So let’s see if we can get some more discount.

The plan is to go to Matsumoto first spend the night there. Saturday we want to go to Kamikochi and maybe to Narai. And on Sunday we are going to Yamanouchi to see some Monkeys in onsen, wanted to see that for a long time!

So you can expect us giving a full report once we get back!


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