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26 Jul, 2010


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It has actually been some time ago, but we have also visited the Ghibli Museum. Being a big fan of Totoro, we had to visit the museum! Getting the tickets was a problem for us, we wanted to go for a really long time. But every time we wanted to buy tickets it was sold out (probably because we wanted to buy it in the weekends and on the same day we were planning to go…). To visit the museum, you have to buy tickets in advance at the convenience store (Lawson).

So we finally got the tickets and went to Mitaka with some friends.

This is the Ghibli bus to the museum. But being the low-budget-students we are, we wanted to walk instead (it was only a 15 minute walk).

Left: Remi at the entrance. Right: Totoro at the entrance. :D

The staff told us that we couldn’t take any pictures inside, how stupid is that!!! Fortunately I was able to take some pictures :P. Left shows the inside atrium. There were also quite a few shops, selling merchandise. The lamp on the right costs only ¥ 126.000! Yeah, the merchandise wasn’t cheap…

Group pic with a life-size model of a robot from Hayao Miyazaki’s Laputa – Castle In The Sky. On the right kids could play with the huge cat bus! It was cool, but no adults allowed. :( Should have came here when I was a kid… (sorry for the blurry pic, no pictures allowed inside remember).

This is also for kids, they could climb into the cat bus and “drive” around. I wanted to do that too!!!

In my opinion there was not a whole lot to do. You could see a short movie, there were a couple of rooms where you could look at drawings and other cartoon-techniques. (The Totoro Zoetrope with 3D effect and lights was really amazing!!) But I was expecting a bigger museum because Ghibli has so much to offer…  Though in the end we had a really nice time!


3 Comments to “Ghibli Museum”

  1. Gary
    28 July, 2010

    Funny museum, only in Japan of course:)

  2. 24 August, 2010

    Awww. I wish I could have made it to this museum while I was still living in Japan. Thanks for sharing the pics! I’m definitely going to try and head back to Japan and try to visit this museum!

  3. 24 August, 2010


    Thanks for checking out our blog and adding my video to your nice blog too! As for the Ghibli Museum, it’s nice but it was a bit disappointing, but if you don’t expect too much it will be a nice place to visit.

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