Watching Japan vs Holland in Tokyo

20 Jun, 2010

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On June the 19th, Japan and Holland met each other on South African soil to play a match of soccer. Being in Japan we only had one option; watching this together with the Japanese. Shibuya being our favorite place to hang out nowadays we didn’t have to think twice where to watch the match.

We ended up in an Irish pub (the Dubliners) to watch the match. Being dressed in Orange in a very blue pub… well you stand out. Didn’t take long to get some (friendly) smack talking going with some Japanese. They ended up painted both flags on my hands.

We really enjoyed ourselves and so did the Japanese. The down side of watching it together is that you feel bad every time Holland tackles, pushes, kicks and punches someone from the Japanese team. But when the Japanese soccer team came close to scoring a goal everybody around us were shouting and making their typical Japanese sounds (“èèèèèèèèèèèhhhhhhhh~~~”).

In the end it was a very nice match and we had a real good time together with our foreign friends and the Japanese supporters. Even though they didn’t win, the Japanese were still in for fun. They definitely are no sore losers!

I ended up sharing their grieve because one of them borrowed me his “Samurai Blue” shirt!

When we walked back to the station there was a big crowd at the famous “Shibuya” crossing. TV camera’s, police men, cheering Japan supporters, it was total chaos! They were all celebrating even though they had lost. Remi was shouting “HOLLAND!!!!” all the way to the crossing and everyone was so happy to see us cheering for Holland. We ended up being congratulated a lot and joined the fun for a bit before we decided to take our last train.

Shot this picture just before Remi got lifted by one of the Japanese supporters. So funny!

They really lost didn’t they? I wonder how they would react if Japan had won the match!? Too bad next time Japan is playing it will be 3.30 am…


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