Remi’s 1 minute of (One Piece) fame

24 Jun, 2010


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Our Japanese language school arranged for us to visit the Tech University located in Tokyo (Takadanobaba station) for a so called “International Day”. It didn’t cost us anything so why not? On the brochure it said they had all kinds of food from all over the world and they supposedly had robots!

The university was interesting. We visited different departments where they were showing off their handmade robots, sealife robots, had a Swedish cafe (it was kinda crappy though), video games, showing how to make green tea and other things. Most important part was that we could try different dishes for free! They had food from Malaysia, China, India, of course Japan  and other asian countries. It was pretty good!

My classmate tried some noodles sliding down bamboo… how do they come up with this stuff?

We also visited this department where the visitors could voice-over a piece of anime. They could choose between One Piece and Slamdunk. So Remi and a classmate gave it a try! One Piece of course!

They handed them a piece of paper with the text (in Japanese!) and shoved them in the recording booth. Good luck!

Funny thing was once the door closed, we could hear everything they were saying in the booth. It was hilareous! Because of course they can’t read the text out loud as fast as the real thing so in the end they made up their own text. Afterwards they got to hear the endresult with us (the audience).

The international day was ok, but I think we weren’t the right visitors. It was really meant for people who are interested in studying science. I wouldn’t do it again (especially because we had to wake up so early on a sunday morning!). We left the place after a few hours… then we went and play under a bridge… ? Yeah, no comment.


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3 Comments to “Remi’s 1 minute of (One Piece) fame”

  1. 24 June, 2010


    Nice blog. I’d love to hear how the one piece voice-over went….Is it going to be on a episode??

  2. puiyuk
    9 July, 2010

    helaas, het was gewoon voor de lol! Dit wordt, gelukkig voor Remi, nooit uitgezonden!!

  3. andrew
    25 August, 2010

    Hahaha I love the turn of events at the end.

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