apa-to wa doko desu ka?

31 Mar, 2010

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Helloooo Tokyo! The way from Narita airport to our hotel was a total drag. Our luggage was heavy as hell and of course we had to transfer a couple of times + we were totally jet-lagged so that didn’t help either. After we dropped of our luggage at the hotel we went straight to Hikari Tokyo Apartment (if you are going to rent an apartment with them let us know) to meet up with our estate agent to find a nice (affordable) apartment in Tokyo. We already had mail contact with the agent back home, so we met up with him to view a few apartments to get an idea what kind of places we will be getting.

We first went to the apartment near Toranomon subway station (about 10 min walk to Ginza). This would be the apartment we could rent till April the 17th (short-stay apartment). It’s a nice clean apartment, of course very small as expected. Supposedly the apartment is in a business district, so it wouldn’t be too noisy. Our agent told us all their apartments had a similar look, same furniture etc. Looked good to us!

From April 17th on an apartment in Kudan would open up, this apartment is about 10 minute walk to school which would save us a lot of public transportation money. On our way to this place we walked by the emperor’s palace. This place is very well known for all the sakura trees around it. Coincidentally the trees were just starting to bloom, so our agent took us for a nice walk around the palace. Such a beautiful sight!!

Pui-Yuk standing in front of some Sakura trees

Eventually we said yes to the apartment in Toranomon and from April 17th the apartment in Kudanshita. Our very first home! (Many thanks to Niels for checking our rental contract, domo arigato gozaimashita!!!!!)

After about 27 hours of traveling and apartment hunting a well deserved meal. Ramen! Gotta love it :)


One Comment to “apa-to wa doko desu ka?”

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