12 May, 2010


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During golden week we also went to Yokohama! We really wanted to see what China Town was like in Japan. With a population of over three million people, Yokohama is Japan’s second largest city. Yokohama is located less than half an hour south of Tokyo by train. Yokohama Chinatown (Yokohama Chukagai) is Japan’s largest chinatown, located in central Yokohama.

It was damn crowded in Yokohama, probably because of the Golden Week holidays. It’s probably better not to go during Golden Week, we could hardly walk! Anyways when we were walking towards China Town it really felt like we were walking in China. Hearing people talking the Chinese language and also the smell was very typical. It’s the exact same scent/smell when you walk into a “toko” (shop where they sell only asian food products).

Remi feeling very comfortable in Shan Ha… in Japan!!  (Shan Ha is Remi’s hometown in Hong Kong) :P

Chinatown in Yokohama is HUGE. Chinatown in Amsterdam is nothing compared to this place. Everywhere you looked they were selling food, mostly they were selling steamed buns. At first I thought “Yummy!! Cha Siu Bao!!”. But no, these were just regular steamed buns with crappy meat inside (which they sell at every convenient store in Tokyo). They were so popular in Chinatown, the Japanese people were (of course) standing in line just to buy one. Can you imagine, everywhere you looked there were people standing in lines to get some buns, ice cream or just to eat in a restaurant. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to waiting in line for my food..

Here they were selling all kinds of Chinese appetizers. Two egg tarts for ¥420, which is about €3,60.

In the center of Chinatown there is a temple called the Kanteibyo. It is dedicated to the Chinese god of good business and prosperity. Actually it wasn’t really “boeiend”…

We just couldn’t resist the temptation of eating Dim Sum before we left Chinatown. We figured in Chinatown they had to have the best dim sum of Japan. So living on a tight budget we looked for the cheapest one around. Most of the restaurants didn’t even have that much dim sum dishes, they mostly had just the traditional Chinese dishes (dinner type).

We eventually found a place where you can eat as much as you can for 1,680 yen (14,30 euro)! But first they give you a bowl of rice with 2 slices of Cha Siu (which didn’t taste like cha siu) and you had to eat 1 small and 1 huge Siu Mai. After that you can ask for anything that’s on the menu (below). It was good! Too bad they only had 20 different dishes.

After dim sum we left China Town and explored Yokohama. We actually just followed the people around us and ended up walking to Osanbashi Pier. With the sun out and the fresh(er) air in Yokohama, this was really nice. From the pier we had a nice view of Yokohama. The Osanbashi International Passenger Terminal, also known as Osanbashi Pier, is located between Minato Mirai and Yamashita Park. It is where international cruise ships dock when they visit Yokohama. The pier has walkways and green spaces that are open to the general public.

Here Remi took some more pictures of the fashionable rainboots. I think it really fascinates him, he just had to show me the All Stars type of rainboots… o ta ku?

I think we will go back to Yokohama some day. It has a really nice vibe and I think it’s really different from Tokyo. The buildings seem more western. It’s such a big city and we only saw a small part of it. We still have to visit the Ramen Museum!!!


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  1. Gary
    13 May, 2010

    All is about food food food. I will come back as “holle bolle Gijs” :) LOL

  2. 13 May, 2010

    Yes you will ;)

  3. 13 May, 2010

    I think it is really awesome that you guys post so many experiences on the net. We love reading them back home :)

  4. 18 May, 2010

    Hi Remi, the bridge in the second to last picture leads to the Daikoku parking area where all the meetings are at! Send me a PM if you want to check it out. Maybe I can hook you up with some one who might take you there one night.

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