23 May, 2010


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Some time ago we went to a little town called Kawagoe, this town is also called little Edo (Edo is the old name of Tokyo). They call it that because some parts of Kawagoe resemble the old Edo.

So the first thing we did was walk to the street called Kurazukuri Street, this is where all the old fashioned buildings are.

Kawagoe walking to Kurazukuri Street

On our way there, we walked through this street with the paper koi’s hanging there. This is a Japanese tradition which Pui-Yuk explains in her Ueno Zoo post. The building on the right marked that we were getting really close.

Kawagoe walking in Kurazukuri Street

When arriving there we felt like travelling back in time. There were however a lot of people there. A big street filled with a lot of traffic ran through it. This was a weird combination of history and modern times. Unfortunately the traffic kinda messed up with the whole Edo feel, which was a shame. But it was really nice to see all these old style buildings.

Kawagoe walking in Kurazukuri Street

Unlike in Edo there were traffic lights here.

Kawagoe Kurazukuri Street Watch Tower

The tower in the back is an old watch tower which is a few hundred years old now.

My dream coming true

(left) At least I could live my dream and be a Japanese tomato farmer for a few seconds. (right) In one of the alleys we spotted a mini shrine with a statue of a Koala holding a… sake cup?

Kawagoe Fishes and Mikoshii

(left) Nice small pond with big ass fishes in front of a restaurant. (right) We spotted this big mikoshi, this is a portal shrine which they use during Festivals. It looked like they were preparing this, maybe for a festival.

In the end we had a nice day, although it was not very impressive it was nice to see a different side of Japan. Kawagoe is a very nice small town where you could do some shopping too. If you are only staying in Japan for a short time I would not recommend going here. If you are staying a long time it might be nice to visit for a change.


3 Comments to “Kawagoe”

  1. Gary
    23 May, 2010

    Yeahhh wanna go too:). We can easily fill our two weeks:D.

  2. Potmoes
    23 May, 2010

    Dit is echt geweldig!

    Is dit een toeristenoord of gewoon een dorpje waar het leven voorbij suist? Geniet!

  3. 24 May, 2010

    Haha Gary don’t worry you will fill your 2 weeks with a lot of fun stuff to do, that will not be the problem!

    @marc: Het grappige is dat we hier niet zoveel buitenlanders zagen maar veel Japanse “toeristen”, het is denk ik wel iets groter dan een klein dorp in Nederland. vergelijkbaar met hoofddorp misschien?

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