Mount Takao

31 May, 2010


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Yatta! Our first trip with school! On the 22nd of May we went to Mount Takao for some hiking. All geared up (jeans + all stars :P) we first met up at 9.30 am at a meeting point close to our school. After everyone gathered we went to Jimbocho station to take the train. We had to change trains 2 times and after 1,5 hours we finally arrived at Takaosanguchi station!

On our way to the foot of the mountain we saw some hoola girls performing :).

Ok, we reached the foot of the mountain… Here we go!!!  いきましよ~~~~

Takao-san is still located within metropolitan Tokyo, it’s one of the closest natural recreation areas to central Tokyo. So during weekends it can be quite crowded. We didn’t see a lot of people going up though…

The natural environment is amazing. Trees everywhere, sunny weather (it was actually quite hot!!), amazing views, no bugs, fresh air… so far so good!

あぶない!! Danger! Snakes!! (never did see one during the hike…)

This way –>

Finally we reached the top!! It surprised me it was really crowded at the top! We didn’t see a lot of hikers when we were going up. Maybe they went the other way…? Anyways, the peak is 599 meters over sea level and offers views of Tokyo, Mount Fuji and as far as Yokohama on clear days. All I could see were tops of other mountains and clouds though..:(

At the top of the mountain, we had a nice lunch with the whole group.

After climbing for about 2 hours it was incredibly hot and I was sweating all over, so I bought a well deserved (water melon) ice cream!! It was goooood~

After everyone finished their lunches, we started to go downhill.

Going down there were quite a few temples. The temple Yakuoin stands near the mountain’s top. Visitors pray there to Shinto-Buddhist mountain gods (tengu) for good fortune.

After viewing all the temples we reached the next part which was the hardest. The hills were so steep it was really hard to walk down and it also took a really long time!!

At about 16.30 we reached the station and everyone went their own way. In the end we had a really nice time, I think I’ll definitely come back here some day for some hiking.


5 Comments to “Mount Takao”

  1. 1 June, 2010

    That monkey shot made me LoL real hard!!!

  2. 5 June, 2010

    it looks like “spierpijn” hehe.. where are animal pictures?

  3. kim
    18 June, 2010


    Hoe is het met jullie? Bevalt het een beetje? En hoe vordert het japans?
    Leuke foto’s zeg en heel gaaf die tempels!

    xxx Barry en Kim

  4. puiyuk
    24 June, 2010

    Hi! Gaat heel goed met ons! Ons japans gaat steeds beter alhoewel het nog wel een tijdje zal duren voordat we een echt gesprek kunnen voeren! :S Maar we vermaken ons hier prima :)
    Hoe is het met jullie? Nog nieuwtjes? Waren jullie niet bezig met een nieuw huisje?

  5. Key
    1 July, 2010

    no bugs? where did all the bugs go in such a big national park?

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