Ueno Zoo!

09 May, 2010


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In Golden Week we went to the Ueno Zoo, Japan’s most oldest and famous zoo! The weather was great so of course we went on our bikes, which took us about half an hour. When we arrived it was about 01.00 pm. Thought we were a bit late, but apparently all japanese people arrive late. It was so crowded! Probably because of the sunny weather + golden week holidays.

We got in the queue for buying tickets. When we got closer and closer we realized there were no Zoo-workers selling the tickets, but of course there was a ticket machine! How nice :). Also the price for the ticket was so cheap!! For adults it costs 600 yen ( 5,10 euro!). For comparison, the price for a ticket to get in to the crappy, small and smelly zoo in Amsterdam (Artis) costs 18,50 euro (2.100 yen)! WTF! Also the Ueno Zoo lets children up to 12 yrs old get in for free!

Paper fishes hanging at the entrance of Ueno Zoo. This is because of Children’s Day on May 5th, which is part of the Golden Week. During Golden Week everywhere you went there are fish hanging around. Anyways Children’s day is a day set aside to respect children’s personalities and to celebrate their happiness.

Everywhere in Japan all trash has to be sorted. Bottles, papers, plastics and here in the zoo also the PETS!

Adult nerds had big camera’s with big fat lenses to take pictures. The rest of the adults took pictures with their phone. And japanese kids take pictures with their DS’s.

Cool and weird Japanese bird, it’s like a mix between a hawk and a stork…

“Japan’s Next Top Model” watching the weird bird with us, and wanting me to take a picture of him. KAWAII!!!!

Lunch time!! There wasn’t much choice for food. Apparently most japanese people take their own food from home to eat during lunch time. We of course hadn’t thought of that, so we ended up with this. Fried chicken and some noodles (in the box).

Look! Jackass penguins!

It was so damn hot that day, we had to get some icecream! わたし は アイス クリム が とても すき です!!

Remi’s favourite animal of the day, big ass turtle!! Just look at the people to the right to see how big it is! He’s so cute when he tries to walk.. so slowly :)

In the end we had a real good time at the zoo. Just watching the people around us scream for joy when seeing some animal was mostly entertaining. “Heeeeehhhhhhh, SUGOI!!!!!” Didn’t know we could have such a fun time visiting a zoo. :)

Our dinner for that day. Yummy udon @ Akihabara.


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6 Comments to “Ueno Zoo!”

  1. Gary
    9 May, 2010

    Wow want to be there too…whahaha I’m there in 16 days:)LOL

  2. Sil-Hong
    9 May, 2010

    haha Jackass penguins :P
    are they doing stunts too?

  3. Karming
    10 May, 2010

    Wow, that’s really cheap entrance! G, it’s scandalous what Artis charge for a ticket!!!

  4. Jessie
    10 May, 2010

    super lage hekjes! Zie je in NL niet, anders van die paupers die weer lame gaan doen

  5. 10 May, 2010

    Haha..zo leuk die prullenbak! Je kan gewoon je pet in dumpen! LOL…en jackass penguins..wtf?! O_o haha..

    Ben benieuwd naar jullie next update =)

  6. 25 August, 2010

    i spent my dream living in tokyo for a month and ueno park and zoo was one of my favorite places, i must have visted the park at least 5 times during my stay :)

    + my fav animal was that big ass turtle too, so cute!

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