26 Feb, 2012


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Next stop: Miyajima. We stayed the night in Hiroshima. Looking back we should have stayed longer in Hiroshima. Once we arrived at the station and stepped outside it felt so nice! The fresh air, beautiful weather and friendly people. It just all felt so relaxed. The hostel we stayed was close to the train station, about 5 minutes walking. Though it first looked a bit dodgy, the hostel was nice and clean. And we met some nice people who invited us to a baseball game..which sounded awesome! Unfortunately we were on a tight schedule, so we didn’t make it back in time for the game.

Anyway we headed out to the station and took the train to Miyajima. Miyajima is a small island just about 1 hour away from Hiroshima. Miyajima is known for the giant Torii gate “floating” in the water. But first, a conbini breakfast! How I’ve missed this! :)

Kombini soba and sushi

Once we arrived at Miyajimaguchi Station, we had to walk for about 10 minutes to the ferry to take us to the Island.

On the JR Ferry to Miyajima, with Hiroshima in the background

The boat ride is about 10 minutes and leaves frequently, so you don’t have to wait too long for the boat. There are actually 2 boatlines to the island, but only one line is free with the Japan Rail Pass. Just check out the counter, it has a big sign that says “Japan Rail Pass” ;-).

One of many deers on Miyajima

We arrived at Itsukushima, more commonly known as Miyajima! First thing we saw, once we got outside, were the deers!! And lots of them! So cute, forgot how it was to be walking in between all the tame deers. Reminds me of the time we visited Nara, way back in 2008. It was the first time we saw so many deers all over the city.

So as usual all these deers were begging for food from the visitors. And visitors were taking pictures with them, like us. :)

Pui-Yuk Man looking at an ice cream stand and trying to pick a flavor

But first, we’re on a holiday, so let’s order some ice cream!!! I always order the green tea soft cream, so yummy!

A young deer relaxing in the sun at Miyajima, JapanHello! This deer was enjoying the view of the giant torii.


A Japanese red gate standing in the water (Torii)

It was absolutely breath taking. We’ve seen lots of pictures of the torii online and in books, but never in real life. And it’s so different seeing it right in front of you. We didn’t realize this torii is actually HUGE. While we were up here enjoying the view, we saw some people canoeing on the water and even going through the gate! Pretty cool. Next time we should do the same!

During low tide all the water is gone, so you can walk around the big torii which should be nice too! We were here only during the high tide.

Pui-Yuk Man and Remi Schouten posing with some deers

How cool are these wild deers. Not afraid of the people and tourists, just hanging out and chillin. Watch out for your stuff though, if you have food hanging out from your bag, it’ll surely be gone in no time. :)

Torii in the water with mountains at Miyajima, Japan

Time to move on and visit Mount Misen…


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  1. 24 March, 2012

    geweldig mooie foto’s!!!

  2. […] being mesmerized by the sheer beauty of the big Torii in the water, it triggered us to see more. On the island Miyajima is a small mountain called Misen and this […]

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