A start of a new adventure

21 Mar, 2010


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Welcome to our adventure, this is the start of a new phase of our live and we would like to share our crazy, uncoordinated, sporadic, passionate or whatever thoughts with you. Oohw that didn’t sound very appealing. Well just hang in there and enjoy the ride.

Our adventure

We (Pui-Yuk and Remi) are going to Tokyo, Japan for 6 months to learn Japanese, gain new experience and basically enjoy life. We both quit our job to do this and in current economic environment that is an adventure on itself.


If there are some things you want to see, want to know or need let us know, maybe we can arrange something ;)


3 Comments to “A start of a new adventure”

  1. Vinyee
    17 April, 2010

    Sounds like you guys are living the dream! hahaa…I can’t wait to do something like this!

  2. andrew
    26 August, 2010

    more fooood posts

  3. andrew
    26 August, 2010

    and more pics of everything!!!

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