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11 Apr, 2010


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On this lovely sunny Sunday, we decided to go to the Hyper Meeting at Tsukuba Circuit. This was my first time to go to Tsukuba Circuit and having seen all the nice Time Attack pictures on various other car blogs I was really excited. We had to buy the tickets in advance at Lawson (Japanese convenience store), so we already had the tickets.

But yesterday evening it hit me, how the hell are we going to get there? I did a quick search at how to get from Toranomon Station to Tsukuba Station couple of days ago and it would take about an hour and 10 minutes. Yeah that’s doable. What happens if I do a search from Toranomon Station to Tsukuba Circuit…. Yikes!! 2 hours and 51 minutes? Pui-Yuk is not going to like that….

Shall we maybe rent a car instead?

Maybe we can rent a car, that should be fun as well. Doing a short search on the internet on Japanese websites with the help of Google translate I found out it was too late to rent a car on a Saturday night for the next morning. Our best bet was to go there in the morning and see if they have anything available.

Timewarping to the next day with the waving screen and the “whoosh whoosh whoosh”.

And the next day (today)!

Set the alarm at 07.00 to be at Mazda-rent in Toranomon at 08.00 (which is when they open). So going there without a map just a quick look on Google Maps, I hoped I could find it fast enough. After walking for about 10 minutes I saw a sign マシダレンタカー… ma….shi….da……..n…..ta…..ka….a..!! (Yeah I am not that fast at ready katakana) That must be it, but where is the entrance? The sign was in front of an empty building. Oohw noooo! Wait there is another sign, pointing to the back. Yes it was on the other side of the building. Phew….


So there was this guy sitting there in front of the shop having a smoke and 3 cars, It was 07.55, so I was in time. I glanced at him and said “おはいよう ございます” (ohaiyo gozaimasu which means good morning) and he of course replied with the same. Unfortunately the guy didn’t speak English so I was forced to use my Japanese. So here goes… Ano.. watashi wa kuruma ga karemasu. Kuruma ga arimasu ka (which should mean; “I want to rent a car, are there any cars available”). That was actually what was in my head but when I had to say it…. I don’t know what I said any more but it was nothing like it. In the end we worked things out and there were no cars available… boohooo. So we have to go with the train.

With train, Let’s go!

I headed back home and told Pui-Yuk the bad news. looked up the quickest way to get to Soudou station, that’s where we can get a taxi.

How to get from Tokyo to Tsukuba Circuit by public transport

This is the boring part but this is information for anyone wanting to do this.

Starting at Shinbashi station (10 minute walk from our apartment) to Akihabara station. We asked for directions there and had to take the Tsukuba Express but had to change trains at Moriya station and next to Soudou. Everything went fine, but it really felt like we were travelling back in time.

Moriya Station

The train from Moriya to Soudou had an actually engine hanging under it and it sounded like an old truck. This is supposed to be Japan right, high-tech and stuff….

Soudou station with old fashioned train

Finally arrived at Soudou station! It was a fun ride… because it was just different. Nice environment funny old train.

Pui-Yuk in the Taxi to Tsukuba Circuit

Pui-Yuk didn’t mind much either she enjoyed the ride as well.

Remi being happy because he is going to Tsukuba Circuit Hyper  Meeting 2010

And me… I couldn’t wait to arrive at Tsukuba Circuit

Also check out how the event was in Hyper Meeting at Tsukuba Circuit


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5 Comments to “Getting to Tsukuba Circuit”

  1. 17 April, 2010

    LOL!!! I went trough the same shit!

    Especially when you finally get of at Tsukuba station.
    I was expecting a lot of busses like at Fuji and Suzuka but there was just one taxi for the entire train.
    Fortunately I was wearing my Audi Sport Japan shirt which I bought in Le Mans.
    Some people in the cab guessed that I was heading for the track and they offered me a ride along so I didn’t have to wait. Still one of the coolest cab experiences I had so far.

  2. 22 April, 2010

    Haha I think we didn’t go that early because we were the only ones getting of at that station. So there were 3 taxi’s standing there already.

    Luckily I got a ride back home, so didn’t have to do the whole route back home.

  3. scott
    16 July, 2010

    OMG! .. hil-a-rious! i had the same experience getting to tsukuba too!
    luckily i met up with some friends in tokyo who were also going to the race so it wasn’t all that bad. the train to soudou was a bit disturbing .. i kept wondering where the rest of it was. we didn’t have a problem getting to the circuit via taxi .. but we did have a problem getting back to the station after the race. i totally forgot to get the phone number for the taxi. in the end it worked out though .. i was dreading the walk back to the station with all my camera gear.
    so how do you like living in tokyo? i’m from hawaii and am considering a move.
    cool blog and nice pics! aloha!

  4. 14 October, 2010

    Wow, just found your blog! Gonna have a very nice weekend reading through all the posts here! Looks like a lot of fun so far. :)

  5. 15 October, 2010

    Thanks Ragnar, I hope you enjoy it :D

    I have check out your site too. You got nice some pictures and good music, you got talent man :)

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