Hyper meeting 2010

11 Apr, 2010


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The hyper meeting is an annual event held at the Tsukuba Circuit. It is focused on Subaru Impreza’s, Subaru Legacy’s, Mitsubishi Evo’s, Mitshibushi Colt’s and Suzuki Swift. The day is filled with different activities, on track and off track. Races on track between different type of cars, track-time for privateers, time attacks, babes on stage, an award ceremony and lots of nice cars to look at in the paddock. But getting there by public transport is not easy.

After our adventure of trying to get to the event. We finally arrived and it was a very nice day for an event like this. The sun was shining, not to hot not to cold. Parking area’s filled with the nicely tuned cars, the sound of some heavy track action, the smell of burned rubber…. I felt like a kid in a candy store.

Barely withholding myself from jumping up and down from excitement I -sort of- rushed up a stand to take a look at the track action.

This mitsubishi was really pushing hard and damn fast! Looks nice in purple too.

Black suzuki swift with gold advan wheels

There were a lot of nice swifts present as well. This nicely done black swift with gold advan wheels looks really mean.

Blue Mitshibushi Evolution X sporting blue gram lights rays engineering wheels

I love this color combo, blue car with blue wheels. This evo was on the Rays Engineering stand the blue wheels are the part of their new Gram Lights wheels.

The same Mitsubishi Evolution X with Gram Lights 57Ultimate SC spec blue wheels. Just loving the blue on blue combo.

Car Service Hiro's blue roof chopped Impreza on jack stands

Car Service Hiro, famous for their roof chopped Subaru Impreza. Here it’s on jack stand being prepared for some more track action. Unfortunately during the race the car had some technical problems and could not run any more.

The Mitsubishi Colt’s and Suzuki Swift’s were battling it out on track to see who is the fastest. In the end a yellow Suzuki Swift won it easily with a lot of margin.

Team orange showing what they’re with a drift battle.

This is me being “paparazziyzed” by Pui-Yuk. The car in the background is the DAMD Subaru Impreza. Unfortunately this car crashed later in the day suffering some pretty nasty damage.


2 Comments to “Hyper meeting 2010”

  1. jeff
    17 April, 2010

    I had a stupid fast lancer A175A from back in the days …. not as fast as the ones now, but fast enough.
    These cars look nice! Did you have fun in Tsukuba?

  2. 22 April, 2010

    These cars really look nice. I had an amazing time! Just being there was by itself, it’s Tsukuba circuit!

    But the cars out there damn they are really nice! I really start missing having a car already.

    So Jeff where are you from?

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