Video: 2010 Autumn Drift Matsuri

17 Nov, 2010


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Last weekend november 13 and 14, the Autumn Drift Matsuri took place at Ebsiu Circuit in Nihonmatsu. My friend Martin and I of course went there again to see the awesomeness once again. And let me tell you, it was f-ing awesome! It was really nice to meet our friends again and meet a lot of other really nice people.

I recently upgraded my Canon HF100 to the Canon 550D (Rebel T2i (US) / Kiss X4 (JP)), I only have a 50mm f1.8 and the kit lens for this camera. Martin was kind enough to lend me some of his kick ass professional lenses. Without him I could not have made some of the shots in the video, so a big thanks to Martin.

If you want to embed the video on your own blog no problem! In return, put a link to this website, you’ll be doing us a huge favor!

Music used for this Ebisu Matsuri Video is: Calvin Harris – The Rain.


20 Comments to “Video: 2010 Autumn Drift Matsuri”

  1. 18 November, 2010
  2. 18 November, 2010

    I shared this video and linked you to our blog on Rival House.
    Also putting you in the links!

  3. tung
    18 November, 2010

    fantastic video

  4. Karming
    18 November, 2010

    Love it, love it….LOVE IT!!

  5. Steve
    18 November, 2010

    Fantastic video!!, i would love to know which is the name of the song.

  6. 18 November, 2010

    Thanks all!

    @Steve: The song: Calvin Harris – The Rain

  7. 18 November, 2010

    Posted on Great work!

  8. 18 November, 2010

    Posted on Great work! Might have to give shooting with a DSLR a try!

  9. Galen
    18 November, 2010

    this is cool stuff guys. one of my goals in life is to take my car out to ebisu.

  10. JOSE
    20 November, 2010

    I watched this video like 8 times
    its freking badass

  11. Gary
    21 November, 2010

    Wow, I liked the video and of course the song by Calvin Harris :). I know all his songs now, my favourites on my iPod :P. I liked the slow motion effects much and the two lovely dogs, so cute. But If I may say, I liked your first Drift Matsuri more because of the background noise, was more exciting. Waiting for the next video early in the morning :P

  12. 21 November, 2010


  13. 21 November, 2010

    Keep up the good work man and if you have any videos or news you wanna post please let me know

  14. Leon
    22 November, 2010

    Just AWESOME! Don’t need to say more.

  15. 23 November, 2010

    I saw all it on Ebisy.
    Your video, music super !!!
    Has looked many times……..

  16. 23 November, 2010

    Which video edit software do you use?
    Looks amazing, keep it up!

  17. 23 November, 2010

    I use Final Cut Pro for video editing, good program with lots of capabilities. I still have a lot to learn. I used to use sony vegas before I switched to a mac.

  18. anthony
    26 November, 2010

    awesome video and great song choice Respect!
    internet high 5 to ya :D

  19. 30 November, 2010

    Nice vid gozer…Respect :)

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