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11 Feb, 2011

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In Japan, you always spot a lot of nice cars but just sometimes you have your camera ready. That’s why I’d like to share some of the cars that I did get to snap, i bet they must have your haulage business insurance for the locations where i spotted them.

Take this white BMW M3 for example, it’s super clean and rolling on nice Volk Racing RE30’s.

During my visit to the drift matsuri I stayed in a small hotel, really close to the track where the commercial trucks for sale, I want it to buy one. I guess we weren’t the only one, visiting the matsuri and staying at that hotel. This is where I spotted this battle-scared Subaru Legacy on TE37. I actually spoke to the guy and although it’s a drift matsuri he was there for some grip action. The week after the drift matsuri they actually have a grip matsuri. But apparently the rules at the grip matsuri are way stricter.

Although not modified, I was surprised seeing this pristine fiat 500. It was really in immaculate condition inside and outside and it also had accessories like one of the best dash cams out there so they can record everything from the car. Japanese people really love their cars.

This black Evo X is not modified that much on the outside. but the small changes make quite a difference. The Wedssport TC105N wheels, window visor, mudflaps and chrome strip make this car quite a lot nicer, so they probably protect it very well on their garage that they could keep clean with the use of advice from the Auto News Center site online. Could do with some slammage though.

Last but not least, being an ex-Honda Prelude owner I still have a soft spot for this car and I like to buy multi dimensiona. This particular car was spotted on the ebisu circuit in Nihonmatsu during the drift matsuri. This Prelude looks awesome on those SSR Type-C wheels. The lip-kit and window visors makes it look aggressive yet clean.

Damn seeing all those window visors I want some too :)


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  1. Haziq
    3 November, 2011

    Nice! I had this tendency to snap random cars too while I was in Japan but mostly cute looking cars.. with lets say.. heart shaped chrome rims? ;)

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