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11 Feb, 2011

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In Japan, you always spot a lot of nice cars but just sometimes you have your camera ready. That’s why I’d like to share some of the cars that I did get to snap.

Take this white BMW M3 for example, it’s super clean and rolling on nice Volk Racing RE30’s.

During my visit to the drift matsuri I stayed in a small hotel, really close to the track. I guess we weren’t the only one, visiting the matsuri and staying at that hotel. This is where I spotted this battle-scared Subaru Legacy on TE37. I actually spoke to the guy and although it’s a drift matsuri he was there for some grip action. The week after the drift matsuri they actually have a grip matsuri. But apparently the rules at the grip matsuri are way stricter.

Although not modified, I was surprised seeing this pristine fiat 500. It was really in immaculate condition inside and outside. Japanese people really love their cars.

This black Evo X is not modified that much on the outside. but the small changes make quite a difference. The Wedssport TC105N wheels, window visor, mudflaps and chrome strip make this car quite a lot nicer. Could do with some slammage though.

Last but not least, being an ex-Honda Prelude owner I still have a soft spot for this car. This particular car was spotted on the ebisu circuit in Nihonmatsu during the drift matsuri. This Prelude looks awesome on those SSR Type-C wheels. The lip-kit and window visors makes it look aggressive yet clean.

Damn seeing all those window visors I want some too :)


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  1. Haziq
    3 November, 2011

    Nice! I had this tendency to snap random cars too while I was in Japan but mostly cute looking cars.. with lets say.. heart shaped chrome rims? ;)

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