Honda CRZ in the wild

22 Apr, 2010

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Just spotted the Honda CR-Z, the successor of the Honda CR-X, in the wild. It’s a hybrid “sports” car, I doubt it’s really sporty though. It surely does not look as good as the concept model. Unfortunately did not get a shot from the front and the picture was taken with my iPhone.

I have yet to see it with some different wheels, maybe it looks better than.

Or just go all the way with the Mugen CR-Z;

that’s more like it.


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One Comment to “Honda CRZ in the wild”

  1. Jordan
    23 April, 2010

    Wow… we have to wait till Q3 2010 here!!!
    It really does not look as well as the concept version, but at least he chose the best color i suppose?!

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