Minkara Monday – Civic

04 Oct, 2010


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Another Minkara Monday, today it’s time to look at some of the civic. These might not be the best of all Minkara, but there are so many! These are the ones I have seen this time that stand out. So here we go!

Minkara Civic EK9

An nice and clean example of a Civic Type-R EK9. This is the first generation Civic Type-R. This is where the madness started

Minkara Civic EK9

Another Example of the Civic Type-R EK9. Sporting nice Volk Racing TE37 wheels and lots of aero stuff going on. Carbon Carnards, Splitter, Big wing on the back, looks really serious.


Minkara Civic FD2 Feel's

The last of the Civic Type-R family, the FD2. This car specific one is sporting the Feel’s aero, not too extreme but adding that extra bit of aggressiveness.


Minkara Civic FD2 RR

Proud owner standing next to his Civic Type-R FD2 RR, this is a special edition made possible by Mugen. Although this particular one is not stock any more. Loving the whole look that is going on. Extreme aero just does it for me.


Minkara Civic FD2 Flat Black

Clean Matt Black FD2, I liked the picture and it’s nice to see this car in a different color than standard. If you pay close attention you can see some slight differences from stock and remember for repairs to avoid the headache and hand it over to experts. For instance the headlights, grill and wheels. Although I think the should go for different wheels.


Minkara Civic EG

Too bad I couldn’t find any better picture of this car, but this is just madness. This is a pure race ready civic EG ready to rock the circuit. These chassis have a lot of potential on track.


Minkara Civic EF

This Civic EF belongs to the clasiq now. Nicely slammed and driving around on SSR wheels. The crazy bozuku style exhaust was just there for fun I guess. I sort of messed up the direct link to his profile, sorry.


Minkara Civic EF

Let’s finish up with another Civic EF. I know the quality of the picture is bad, but damn this thing is extreme. Fender flares, badass SSR wheels, big ass spoiler. Yeap this one rocks!



5 Comments to “Minkara Monday – Civic”

  1. 5 October, 2010


  2. yeelai
    5 October, 2010

    EK the best!

  3. johnny b
    24 July, 2012

    there is a 04 civic pic. painted in flat black with some audi r8 looking lights and a clean looking front end body kit… i need to know where to find these parts. i am starting a project car and would appreciate the help.
    – johhny

  4. 24 July, 2012
  5. Karlos
    13 August, 2013

    Hi, im in love with that fd2 rr do you know if the front aero is comming to fa5 2010?

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