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27 Sep, 2010


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Thanks to my friend Benjamin Lotz, who made a comment about seeing one of the cars I posted in Car Spots on Minkara, I came up with an idea! Let’s do a Minkara Monday every Monday!

Minkara (みんカラ) is short for Everyone’s carlife (みんなのカーライフ [minnanokaaraifu]), it’s a site devoted to anything with cars. It also contains a social network aspect to it and this is where it gets really interesting. Here you find a lot of nice pictures of Japanese tuned cars.

So we are going to start of our first Minkara Monday with the Eunos Roadster, Mazda Roadster, Mazda Miata, Mazda MX5 a lot of names all for the same car. Too much talk more pictures!

Black badass miata mx-5 looking really mean, pulled fenders, Te37

This car is one of my favorites, nice, clean and really aggressive! From the look of the front bumper you can see that it has seen quite some track action, just what these cars are supposed to do. And look at that stance, so aggressive!

Black badass mazda miata, roadster, mx-5 with MTE37

With the custom order Volk Racing MTE37 14×7 +0 wheels on Mazda Roadster (miata, mx5) you just can’t go wrong. Especially when dropped to the ground it with a nice fender roll and pull. With all the track action going on the driver is seated in a Bride seat to keep him where he is supposed to be. Also check out the owners blog: http://mrss.jp (all in Japanese)


Black Mazda roadster, white wheels

Yet another fine example. I love this Garage Vary Front Bumper, it get’s rid of the so called weak chin of the miata, mx5, roadster. The front splitter, canards and subtle flares really make this car look awesome. And Rays Engineering TE37 is just win.

Don’t have a link on this one unfortunately.

White Mazda Miata Roadster with Wats

Let’s move on to this one. Although I am not really liking the rear lights, the look of this particular rear wing and the weird hardtop. The rest of this car is amazing! Look at the garage vary rear bumper , high offset white RS Watanabe wheels with the necessary pulled fenders and replacement wider fenders up front. The sidestep sideskirts just finish the look.

This picture does not do justice to this car, so make sure you check out the profile.


Badass roadster

As you might have noticed I like aggressive looking miata’s. This on has the viper stripes when well executed it looks really dope. Pointers on this car: Wide ass RS Watanabe wheels, big fender flares on the back, subtle spoiler, wide front fenders. Sweet!


Mazda Roadster NB8c, huge wing on racing on track

Between all the NA’s (chassis code for the first generation miata). There are of course also some amazing NB Roadsters. Here is one attacking the tracking and looking stunning while at it.


Trap Mazda Roadster Miata MX-5

Aye again back to NA’s sorry just love NA’s :) Trap rear spoiler, again Extremely wide RS Watanabe wheels. These wheels are just so popular with vintage Japanese cars. Note the front fender is cut and folded inwards.


Yellow slammed Mazda Roadster Miata MX-5

On this roadster, I just love the sideskirts! Also white wheels on yellow cars, it works really well.


Awesome track going mazda roadster

Awesome picture and awesome car. Look at the canards up front that is just wild.

Same car less rain. Look at the back that’s a lot of wing.


Roadsterdrift Rob at work

You also occasionally bump into foreign people on Minkara, Here is Rob from Kyoto doing his thing, in his Work Meister S1 equipped NB Roadster. Although he doesn’t have this car any more, he’s still drifting around in Japan. Check out his blog Roadster Drift for his adventures and a miata drift community.



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  1. 28 September, 2010

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  3. perris
    14 September, 2011

    this iz wat type of car i want

  4. G-J
    9 December, 2013

    Nice selection! I was wondering what is the name of the bumper of the first car?

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