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25 Oct, 2010


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Today we are going to take a look at the finest Mini Coopers Minkara has to offer. I have only looked at the newer version not at the old ones. Although I like the old ones a lot too! I choose a car again today that is very popular in a lot of countries, but what do Japanese people do with the Mini Cooper. Euro cars meet Japanese style.

Blue slammed mini cooper with black wheels

Let’s start with this one, JCW Aero carbon front splitter and JCW Aero diffuser, although you can not see it in this picture. This car is equip with Ohlins DFV coilovers, and we all know when a car is rocking Ohlins it’s getting serious. The rods holding up the front splitter really adds to the looks. Inside the car the driver is seated in a Recaro RS-GS seat. This car has a lot of modifications, check out the owners profile page.


Slammed mini cooper from DuelL AG Windmuhle

This grey Mini Cooper looks totally different. But for sure also very nice. It’s dropped with Endless Zeal Function-G coilovers and rolling on DuelL AG Windmuhle 18inch wheels this thing looks bad ass. I also really like the design on the front bumper and splitter.


This Cooper S just looks really nice, mostly because of the wheels. I am not sure which wheels these are but I think Advans. This car is equipped with KW version 1 coilovers and Arqray “One of Muffler”.


This Red Mini Cooper is rolling on Advan RZ-S wheels and it looks amazing with it. It has very subtle enhancements like the sidestep sideskirts and the roofspoiler which make this car look so good.


Mini Cooper Rays Engineering TE37V

Now this particular one looks different from all the previous ones. It has a more vintage feel to it. It must be the deep dish 15inch Rays Engineering TE37V wheels. It makes it look more like the old mini cooper. But it’s not just the wheels, this thing is wild. Maybe the intercooler gives it away.


Another red one on black wheels. This John Cooper Works Mini is rocking Ohlins DFV coilovers and yes this means business! The front looks good, but the rear is even more impressive.

Just look at that M7 roof spoiler that thing must really plant the rear of the car to the asphalt at speed. But also the M7 carbon rear diffuser looks awesome! The driver is seated in a Recaro SP seat to keep him nice and tight in his seat while tossing the mini around the track.


I could not find a lot of information about this Mini Cooper. But I really love the looks the dark gray paint with the black wheels. Also take note of the awesome looking sideskirts and front bumper. I dig it!


Last but surely not least, this white one. With a MiniQ front lip. Wheels with nice dish and painted white. I like the cleanliness of the front lip. aggressive but yet really fitting the body style of the Mini.


Although I have never considered getting a mini, they sure look good. They are supposed to be a blast to drive too!


3 Comments to “Minkara Monday – Mini Cooper”

  1. 15 November, 2010

    Hey, Remi; who sells the MiniQ front lip? Did a search on the internet and found no results. – Erik

  2. 17 November, 2010

    Hi Erik,

    I am not quite sure who sells the lip, I did a search on google too and this site seems to be the shops site:

    Which I think is a small local business.

  3. ahtsham choudry
    18 April, 2012

    nice car…i want it….

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