Minkara Monday – S2000

11 Oct, 2010


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This is already the 3rd Minkara Monday, another shot for the real JDM lovers out there. I would like to dedicate this post to our dear friend Mike, who has unfortunately passed away 2 years ago. He was also very passionate about cars and owned a yellow s2000. So that’s why we’ll look into some of the most awesome s2000’s on Minkara today.

Let’s start of with the excellent example in yellow. This Amuse Widebody s2000 is just so mean and aggressive. Look at those exhaust pipes integrated in the rear bumper. Equipped with Rays Engineering’s Volk Racing CE28N in silver finish, nice!


Here we have another S2000 with the Amuse Widebody but this time in white. Equipped with a big wing to keep the back end planted on the road. A very nice detail is of course the Mugen Hardtop and the smaller racing mirrors.


Some one help me with identifying this front bumper. This one looks really clean, with silver Enkei RPF-1 wheels which go well with any car. And again the Mugen Hardtop which also looks good on a none widebody s2000.

Same car nicer picture. Here you can see the J’s Racing carbon fibre bonnet/hood better.


Really loving all the extra aero parts on this one. Makes it look so aggressive, although the stock s2000 looks already quite aggressive. Driving around on Work Emotion CR-Kai’s only enhances that statement.


Now this is differenta different s2000, fender flares, matte gray, white enkei’s and what the hell is that sticking out the hood? As this is still very much work in progress I can’t find what it’s actually used for. But it seems to be an air intake when looking at some of the newest entries on the profile blog. It sure is one insane s2000.


This yellow s2000 is sporting an ASM Front Bumper. But there is something going on with the front fenders. Maybe there used to be a wider front bumper on it, or is this a new trend we are spotting here? Only time will tell.


Aaah nice and clean, I love the painted J’s racing hood, Mugen Hardtop and rear wing. Makes this s2000 look so clean.


Woohooo look at this one. Did you see the rear fenders, molded flares? Pulled front fenders? What’s your guess on this. Sure makes it possible run some wide CE28N’s on this one. Hmm again a big wing on the back and CE28N, seems to be standard in Japan for a s2000. Or is it just me picking these.


Again admitting not to be a s2000 parts “connoisseur”, but this one just looks nice!


Not the best picture, but I just had to have a spoon s2000 in here. I just love the spoon hardtop the most. If I would ever own a s2000 I would get a spoon hardtop for sure. As you can see, this particular one is not just show but is being driven hard! That’s what they are made for after all.


Last but not least (and not on Minkara), Mike’s Yellow S2000. Seeing this picture brings back a lot of memories. Rest in Peace my dear friend.


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5 Comments to “Minkara Monday – S2000”

  1. Brian
    13 October, 2010

    Wow! That allotta S2Ks dude.

    Peace Mike!

  2. Key
    16 October, 2010

    nice overview, and also reference to Mike! We have not forgotten about you yet! RIP!

  3. 21 October, 2010

    That first widebody s2000 is o so clean! I love the rear shot of it. Crazy clean and sleek.

  4. Steve
    20 November, 2010

    The grey car has a Top Secret bumper I’d say. Some really nice example here.

  5. 21 February, 2011

    woww, really nice car! :D

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