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04 Jan, 2011


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Happy New Year everyone!

This is the first post of 2011 and let’s start the new year with another Minkara Monday, click to find out about see jc updates! This time we are looking at the hottest, sickest and most impressive Impreza’s found on Minkara.

Black Varis Subaru Impreza GRB with CE28N

Let’s kick off with this Varis Kitted Subaru Impreza GRB STi. Varis always impresses with the body kits. They look the part and are functional too. Varis always tests their products in the wind tunnel, it might cost a pretty penny but you sure get something in return. The body kit combined with the rays engineering CE28N in bronze wrapped with Advan Neova AD07 tires which you can’t just get anywhere, but rather have to go to the better tire stores available, makes this one a very hot hatch.

Blue GDB Impreza STI in Japan in front of a Torii

Next up this blue Impreza GDB. The carbon hood with air vents really make the car look much more aggressive. In the opening of the front bumper you can spot a HKS intercooler. On the rear of the car there’s a big carbon spoiler mounted on the trunk and a roof spoiler. Although this car is still rolling on it’s stock wheels it looks great.

Yellow Bug Eye Impreza STi S202 with bronze Volk Racing CE28N wheels

While browsing the profile of the blue impreza above, I spotted this Yellow Impreza, must be one of his friends. This bug-eye model has to be the most infamous of the Impreza family, either you like it or you hate it. But this specific example is awesome. Look at the brake ducts in the front bumper, the roll cage and the carbon GT wing, that’s when you know that this car is serious. But the badge next to the Subaru logo also gives away that this car is quite special, this is a s202 limited edition. A mere 400 were produced and sold only in Japan. For more pictures of the car click on the image.

Blue Varis Impreza at Fuji Speedway with Advan Racing RG-II wheels

Another Blue Impreza, this time rolling on white Advan Racing RG-II wheels. The engine bay is being covered by a Varis hood. The remainder of the exterior is being dressed by the Varis 09 kit like similar to the first Impreza in this post. This picture is taken at Fuji Speedway, this means that this car is being used properly.

Blue Roof chopped Impreza with Voltex wing and Work Meister wheels

This post would not be complete with the Car Service Hiro Impreza. This Impreza is so remarkable just look at the roof line. yes they chopped of the roof and made it a bit lower, give this Impreza a very distinct look. But with those SSR wheels, you can’t go wrong either.

Blue wide body Sti Impreza agressive look

The owner of this Impreza must really love Ken Block, he has a a picture of him set as his background for his Minkara page. He is clearly inspired by Ken’s Impreza and it worked out awesomely. With the L’aunsport 2006 wide body kit, Stout hood, HKS Kansai rear diffuser and Black Advan RS II wheels, this thing is absolutely sick! The list of mods on this car is impressive. This Impreza is also equipped with you-can-never-go-wrong-with Ohlins DFV suspension, the ride must be awesome too.

White Sti Impreza with gold CE28N with Mount Fuji, Japan as a backdrop

This particular one is different, but that suits with the owners philosophy. He wants to have a unique car. The car is also fitted with a Varis kit like a lot in this post, it might seem like every single Subaru drives around with these Varis kits, well I can tell you that’s not the case. So having this kit makes you quite unique by itself, but not yet not unique enough for this owner. The carbonfibre door and trunk makes it a lot more unique. Next to that the owner fabricated a lot of stuff himself, among which the custom double exhaust, interior lighting and rear lights.

Runduce and Voltex Subaru Impreza with diffuser

Next up something a bit different, a Runduce & Voltex kitted Impreza. Just look at the rear diffuser that is a work of art. This kit is way less extreme in styling compared to the Varis but also very efficient aero. Voltex is known for their involvement in cars participating in Time Attacks, like the Cyber Evo and the Tomei Impreza being driven by Tarzan Yamada.

Blue Subaru with voltex front bumper and Advan RZ wheels

Another car but with almost identical aero. You can see the nice front bumper of Voltex with the big splitter helping to keep the front of the car planted on the road. In the rear there is also a Voltex carbon wing. The car is rolling on Advan Racing RZ wheels with yet again Ohlins DFV suspension. One day I’d like to have some Ohlins on my car.

And with this we wrap up another Minkara Monday.


5 Comments to “Minkara Monday – Subaru Impreza”

  1. Leon van Maurik
    4 January, 2011

    Hi Remi and Pui-Yuk,

    First of all Happy new year! And what a nice way to start 2011, great article with lovely pictures.
    You know I love Subaru ;)



  2. 4 January, 2011

    This Minkara Monday event is making me greedy!!!
    Any time to catch up soon while having some drinks?



  3. Rodney Patrocinio
    6 January, 2011

    Now this is the way to start the new year! by far my most favorite post on your site, although all are enjoyable to read. how do you find these awesome cars?

  4. 6 January, 2011

    @Leon; yes and now go do the same stuff to your subaru.

    @Mat; sounds like a good plan!

    @Rodney; You like the post because you like Subaru’s in general? As for how I find them. I go to the Minkara website and search for a couple of hours. Just by clicking on all the ones that I like. It does help when you are able to read and write a bit of Japanese.

  5. […] across a pic of this S202 out of Japan randomly on another JDM blog, okidokyo, and fortunately they were nice enough to post a link to the Minkara blog where I could snag some […]

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