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18 Oct, 2010


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Until now we have been looking at performance vehicles. Today we are going to look at something different. The Toyota Prius, this is by far the most popular hybrid vehicle. You see them everywhere, but they always look so boring. Except in Japan, here I’ve spotted really nice ones on the street but never had the camera ready. So I’m using Minkara to show you today that it does not have to be a boring looking car.

Toyota Prius

Let’s start with this “Ken Style” Aero equipped Prius. This turns the ordinary dull Prius into a head turner. Together with the 18 inch wheels to just finish of the look. Although it’s not my favorite style of wheels, it’s way better than the stock ones.


Toyota Prius

This prius is also equipped with Ken Style Aero, but this time just the sideskirts and a diffuser like rear lip. The stock muffler has been replace with a Rosso Modello GT-8 one. Sure makes the rear look a lot more menacing.

Toyota Prius

The owner chose to enhance the front bumper with a lip, which makes the car look really clean. The 18 inch Lehrmeister Double Dix wheels really look fantastic.


Toyota Prius

Most Priuses seem to be white, but this black one is really nice and low. This prius is dropped on Cusco Zero Coilovers and rolling on Advan Racing RS-D wheels. The more aggressive look is being provided by the Gialla Sportivo lipkit for the Prius.


Toyota Prius

They keep getting lower and lower. This silver Prius with black RS*R Sports wheels show what a big difference it makes when you slam a car. What you can not see in this picture is the Gandor Racing Titan exhaust. It’s too bad that the owner doesn’t have better pictures. Because this car looks really good. Check out it’s profile for more pictures.


Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius

This Prius is a show model of TommyKaira Japan. They like to call it the Prius RR, I don’t care what they call it, it looks good! Look at all the carbonfibre on there.


Toyota Prius

You don’t see a lot of red ones out there. But this one just looks nice with the OZ wheels and a nice drop. Together with a Terra Force Lip kit, yum yum.

Toyota Prius

Both cars are I think owned by Terra force. The white one is also equipped with their Prius fender flares.


Toyota Prius

This white Prius seems to have to same aero as the silver one mentioned earlier. Here you can get a better look of the front bumper. It totally transforms the look of the Prius into something more manly.


Toyota Prius

Or how about this orange prius done by Seed Style. The color alone makes a lot of difference!


I hope I will inspire some Prius owners to do something with their Prius. Because it can be a really nice looking car. Time to step up your game. Do you know anyone with a Prius, inspire them by sharing this page.


5 Comments to “Minkara Monday – Prius”

  1. TheGreatLion
    18 November, 2010

    My my…I never seen such balllin’ display of Prius’s. I bet if Toyota had these guys to advertise their Prius, sales would sky rock! Nice coverage.

  2. Zack
    19 November, 2010

    I saw a pretty sick Prius around Tachikawa the other day!

  3. 20 November, 2010

    The red one is my favourite, but all in all, really nice looking Priuses and that’s a pretty weird thing to say.

  4. 20 November, 2010

    That’s what I wanted to share. The prius is known for being a boring and not so attractive car, but here in Japan they do things different.

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