MTE37 14×7 ET0

19 Nov, 2010


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They have finally arrived, the wheels that I fell i love with the first time I saw them. I just had to get these. These are custom ordered Rays Engineering TE37 14×7 ET0 4×100 wheels. But their unofficial name is the MTE37. I became aware of these wheels through and soon joined in on the groupbuy (back in July) that was happening here in Japan.

Rays Engineer TE37 still in the box

This groupbuy was perfectly organized by Yuji Deguchi from, big thanks to him. The funny thing was that all communication was in Japanese, so my Japanese studies were put to the test.

Luckily everything went well and I didn’t accidentally offend him with my Japanese. Yesterday I received an email from Yuji saying that the wheels have been shipped, YATTA! Not even 12 hours after receiving the email they got here. Just the box itself is super awesome!

Volk Racing Custom MTE37 wheels

Holy crap! I am finally going to see these wheels for real! I wanted this moment to last forever so I took my time.

Rays Engineer bronze MTE37 14x7 ET 0

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah they are fucking awesome!! I love them, they might actually be too pretty to put on a car. But wait a minute I don’t even own a car now….

Concave spoke TE37 14inch

Nice concave…. can I have moment of silence for this….. concave TE37…..

So I got the wheels now, I have to find a car to match wheels when I am back in Holland again. I still have to ship these to Holland though. Maybe I should ship my luggage and take the wheels with me instead, hmmm…..



14 Comments to “MTE37 14×7 ET0”

  1. Gary
    19 November, 2010

    Whahahhaha LOL :P. Yes, good advise buy first an car :-). But you can also buils first an paper prototype around them, hahahha.

  2. 19 November, 2010

    Congrats fo now owning the greatest wheels on earth!!!
    Following your blog for some months already, keep up the good infos. You’re living my dream right now!
    Greets from Luxembourg

  3. 19 November, 2010

    I rest my case your honour :)
    Baller wheels, especially in NL.

  4. 19 November, 2010

    Beautiful wheels!

    I love TE37’s as well.

  5. 20 November, 2010

    Seriously beautiful. Can’t wait to see these mounted!

  6. 20 November, 2010

    So nice wheels ! Love them !
    But why did you buy them in 4×100 if you don’t own a car ? Do you plan to put them on a Renault ? ô_Ô lol
    Why not buying a 5×114.3 that would match more cars ?

  7. Juan
    20 November, 2010

    Hi Remi, please contact me… thanks.

  8. 20 November, 2010

    The reason I bought these in 4×100 is because I already know which car I am going to buy when I’m back. Which is another Mazda Miata/MX-5. Also as these are 14inch wheels there are not a lot of cars with 5×114.3 that would look good on 14inch wheels.

  9. John
    21 November, 2010

    Great photos. Great rims.

    You can also put them on an e30! *I’ll love to see that!*

  10. Gary
    21 November, 2010

    An Mazda Miata/MX-5? Same one what you had before? Nice!

  11. 22 November, 2010

    I’m so happy because you are happy.(^^)

  12. 22 November, 2010



  13. Leon
    22 November, 2010

    DAMN! Love those rims.

  14. Taz
    17 December, 2010

    Very nice!!!!

    How much did these end up costing for the set shipped?

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