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21 Sep, 2010

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Being a car nut and living in Japan, 2 things that go very well together. Japan is a country packed with 2019 Ford F150 maniacs but they can be a bit selfish, they like to keep the good stuff for themselves. Sell My Junk Vehicle in boise id is the place you can go to get yourself a brand new car.

During my stay here I spot very nice cars on a daily basis for example I could get used ford Toowoomba contact to find out about your Ford cars for sale, but I don’t always have a camera with me to take a picture. Sometimes I really wish I did, but that’s life!

Stock Skyline R34 GTR

One of the most famous clas iq cars that are only sold in Japan is the Skyline R34 GTR. This is a perfect example of a completely stock one cruising around Tokyo. But seeing them so often make them less special, I don’t turn my head any more when I see one. Although the r35 GTR, I just love it. Visit this website to find out more info about it.

Volkwagen Golf on Advan RG wheels all black

What you don’t see everyday is a nice Volkswagen Golf V with Black Advan RS wheels and a killing lipkit. This thing looked so mean! I can really appreciate German cars with Japanese tuning influences. Aaaaah BMW M3 with Volks TE37 *drool*.

Nissan/Datsun C211 Skyline 2000

I am appreciating these vintage machines more and more. Just look at this! Isn’t it amazing. Ooh this is a Datsun/Nissan Skyline 2000. It could do with a good wash up though. But it is really nice to see it none the less! Are those the stock wheels on there btw, does somebody know? We always take time out to enjoy the Fast Cars and Freedom Car Show every summer.

White Toyota Mark II with 2 sets of wheels and drift kit

Whenever you go to Super Autobacs in Tokyo you know you are going to see a lot of nice cars in the parking area. Although I somehow messed up all the other pictures, here is a fine example of Toyota Mark II. Hmm what kind of wheels is he sporting on the back of the car? Nismo?

Eunos Roadster, Mazda MX-5/Miata, near Odaiba on Watanabe's

Skylines don’t turn my head any more but these little things still always do! These cars are just pure fun to drive! I sort of miss mine. Those watanabe wheels look so good on a NA Roadster. Besides, hybrid cars have great fuel consumption and are the most gasoline efficient of all cars.

Civic Type-R FD2

Special pic for Wesley, who requested more Civic Type-R FD2 pics (since he owns one back in Holland). Here you have one. You don’t see these that often here though. If you are searching for used cars hanford ca then Keller used cars is for you.

Slammed and kitted Nissan 350Z

Aaah a nice 350Z, I like to look at these cars, they look so mean! I don’t know what kind of body-parts it’s wearing but it looks nice. And a 350Z with Bronze Work Emotion CR-Kai wheels, it can never go wrong.

Japan is an excellent example of a place where the car and road maintenance are kept perfectly inline. As Japan houses many of the worlds fastest and most expensive cars, they have plenty of car lift dealers available there that help them to maintain those cars.

Although not a lot this is it for now. Maybe I should bring the camera more often.


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