Video: With a Caterham around Route 246 GT5

30 Nov, 2010


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Caterham Japan came with the excellent idea to make a video of Route 246, what better way to do it than with a road going track car looking like the Stig!

Before this video I did not even know that the track “route 246” in Gran Turismo was based on real roads here in Tokyo. I actually drive there quite often with my bicycle. It was a blast driving shotgun around route 246 with the Caterham, especially when comparing it to playing it on the Playstation.

So for all you guys out there with a PS3 and GT5, compare the video to the track.

Special thanks go out to Justin Gardiner from Caterham Japan for coming up with the idea, providing the cars and giving me the opportunity to make the video.

Another big thanks go out to Dino Dalle Carbonare for being the middle man in getting Justin and myself in contact, driving the camera Caterham and providing some of the equipment.

And of course a big thanks to Martin Selva for helping us out with shooting the video and your creative input.

BTW this is my first planned video, all feedback welcome of course.

Surv1v3 – Daiki Kasho (Gran Turismo 5 Prologue)


13 Comments to “Video: With a Caterham around Route 246 GT5”

  1. 1 December, 2010

    what was the lap time?

  2. 1 December, 2010

    nearly 4 minutes ;)

  3. Rodney Patrocinio
    1 December, 2010

    that was nice. i always like you videos, that drifting one is insane bro… Your site is amaizing, love the minkara mondays. you havent done a subaru dedicated one have you?

  4. 2 December, 2010

    Haha, the good life right there!!! What the feedback concerns, I would have liked to hear a bit more of the engine in parts of the clip.
    What camera’s did you put on the side of the car? Go Pro or a mounted film camera/dslr?



  5. 2 December, 2010

    @Rodney, Thanks a lot mate, I have not done a Minkara Monday on subaru’s yet. I guess I will do that soon ;)

    @Mat, yes life is good here and you know it. I totally agree with you, if only I had a external sound recorder and some more shots from outside the car with a zoom lens, that would be more awesome. But I don’t have the gear yet :(

    The camera I mounted on the car was the Canon HF100 (camcorder, my old camera), other shots are mostly made with the Canon 550D, Rebel T2i, Kiss X4.

  6. Yusuke
    2 December, 2010

    Hey Remi,
    I found your blog on google! Thought it was interesting looking at your videos, as I do live in Tokyo but never had the chance to visit any circuits and the places you visited.

    I was actually looking at the Route 246 video and quickly realized that it was extremely familiar. I live in Yotsuya and I often go jogging around the Akasaka Palace. If I’m correct, Route 246 is around that area?


  7. 2 December, 2010

    Hi Yusuke,

    You are correct it’s next to the Akasaka Palace, you can see us driving. I think it’s called the sotobori street, between Asakasa and Aoyama itchome. People regularly go jogging there, so it must be the same.

    Everytime I take my bicycle to go to Shibuya I cycle there too and I also did not know it was route 246 from Gran Turismo.

  8. Kei
    2 December, 2010

    Hi Remi,

    Awesome vid, whats the name of the song used in it??

  9. 2 December, 2010

    Hi Kei,

    The music used is: Surv1v3 – Daiki Kasho (from Gran Turismo 5 Prologue)

  10. Gary
    4 December, 2010

    It is amazing again Remi. You have several video recordings used multiple times, or so it seemed? It seems very difficult to film this. I need to follow a course in film and editing because you have so much feeling for it, really cool man.

  11. 4 December, 2010

    Thanks Gary! I don’t know if used the same footage twice, some might look similar to other but are slightly different. :)

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  13. shinronin
    15 March, 2011

    incredible vid. you have a real genius for pairing music tracks with your vids. re: gt5 seeing the real streets is something special, but only serves to highlight the lengths to which polyphony digital went to turn those streets into a circuit. again, great job!

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