Korean BBQ

28 Apr, 2010

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Some time ago we went to Shinjuku on a very rainy day. We went out with Manuel (my class mate) in search of fooood! It always takes some time to decide on which restaurant to go to. Because you always have so much choice and you secretly hope that you find a very cheap one that is super delicious. But that stops when you are tired of looking and just want to eat.

After about 15 minutes of walking around in Shinjuku we decided to go into a restaurant that had a sign which said “First Beer 100円” now Manuel liked the sound of that. So we went in and got 2 beers, yes I got a beer, because Manuel told me it wasn’t bitter, but it was so didn’t finish it.

Now not being able to read Japanese and not having clear pictures is hard when you try to order food. In the end we did have some very nice meat and a lot of (too much) intestines. Overall the food was good but we just ordered the wrong things.

A funny detail; look at how powerful the ventilation is.

We also noticed that Korean BBQ can get quite expensive – compared to other food here -, the bill was over  3.000円 per person. Worth the money? Probably if you order the right things. So look for a Korean BBQ with a menu with lots of nice big pictures.


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