Craving for ramen

07 Sep, 2011


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The moment we left Japan, I already started to miss the great food. Even though we have good sushi places, getting good ramen is a whole different story and boy do I love ramen. For good ramen we have to go all the way up to Düsseldorf, Germany. They have a very lively Japanese community there and in that area is a small restaurant called なにわ (na ni wa).

Naniwa menu card

From my house it’s about a 2,5 hours drive, but worth every minute of it. Because this is the best ramen in Europe, and to be quite honest even better than a lot of ramen shops in Japan. It’s actually soo good, that there’s always a line of people waiting outside, just to eat here. That never happens in Europe!

Naniwa ramen chasiu shio ramen

I ordered the 「チャーシュー塩ラメン」chasu shio ramen (pork and ramen in salt based soup), this is with extra meat. Quick few minutes later I got this bowl served in front of me. The moment the delicious smell reaches your nose you can’t help but to dig in. When the freshly made ramen touches your tongue it feels like it almost melts, it’s a flavour party happening right in your mouth. What makes it so good are the really fresh ingredients.

They serve a lot of different types of ramen, this one is the 「特性ラ醤油ラメン」tokusei shouyu ramen (special ramen in soja-sauce based soup). They don’t just serve ramen, they have tons of different dishes, which I still have to try, but I heard good things about them. So maybe next time.

Naniwa kitchen

This is where all the magic happens. Yes it is almost has to be magic because, I can’t stress it enough, it tastes so good! I guess I made my point clear. If you live near Dusseldorf, Germany and love ramen, this is something you shouldn’t miss out on. Let us know if you went there and share your experience.

Naniwa Noodles & Soups
Oststraße 55
40211 Düsseldorf



5 Comments to “Craving for ramen”

  1. Kimberly
    7 September, 2011

    Kennen jullie ook een lekker restaurant in nederland? Liefst in Amsterdam en omstreken? Om nou helemaal naar duitsland te gaan ;) hihi
    Ik mis het japanse eten ook, oef wat hebben we toen lekker gegeten!

  2. 7 September, 2011

    Ik vind Akitsu wel goed, die zit op de rozengracht, maar heb daar alleen maar sushi gegeten. Ze zullen vast nog wel andere gerechten hebben.

    Anders Wagamama, maar daar is de ramen niet lekker.

  3. 8 September, 2011

    Orandaya op de scheldestraat in Amsterdam. Daar hebben ze noodlesoepen en nog veel meer behalve sushi. Gerund door japanners en vaak vol met Japanse zakenlui. Daar waar japanners zal het ook zeker net zo goed zijn als in Japan ;)

  4. 8 September, 2011

    Noh die moeten we dan nog maar proberen

  5. chiba_kun
    8 October, 2011

    Remi, bedankt voor dit item. Ramen is the best! Jammer dat we voor goede ramen helemaal naar Dusseldorf moeten reizen. Als je weer eens in Dusseldorf bent moet je ook echt eens ramen proberen te eten bij Takumi Ramen in de Immermanstrasse. Alsof je weer in Japan bent. Heerlijk!

    Mooie foto’s trouwens! ;-)

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