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07 Oct, 2010


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Curry House CoCo has a lot of restaurants in Japan serving Japanese Curry. This is different from Indian Curry although it does originate from it. They mainly serve the very popular curry rice (カレーライス, karee raisu), but there are a lot of places where you can get this in Japan. What’s so special about Curry House CoCo?

The cool thing about Curry House CoCo is that you can get a wide variety of toppings with your curry rice. I have not seen any other curry place which can compete with that. Just take a look Curry House CoCo’s menu (English).

CoCo House Curry Rice Katsu Karee

Pui-Yuk choose the Katsu Curry Rice. Japanese fried pork cutlet on top of a bed of rice and surrounded by curry. The plates are quite big and you get a decent portion of food. The normal amount of rice is 300g, if that’s not even enough you can order extra rice for an addition fee. Now that’s cool and different.

CoCo House Curry Rice Buta Shabu Shabu Karee

I ordered the Shabu Shabu Buta Curry Rice (Cooked pork curry). Another cool feature of Curry House CoCo is that you can choose how spicy you want your curry. It ranges from 0 to 10, although 0 is also a little spicy. I opted for level 1 spiciness, that was already quite spicy so I don’t even want to know how spicy level 10 is. Anyone up for trying the level 10 spiciness? If you don’t like spicy you can also order none spicy curry.

CoCo House Curry Rice Ebi Sarada Katsu Karee

It’s always nice to add a salad to your curry. So we went for a Friend Shrimp Salad (えびフライサラダ ebi furai sarada) and it was pretty good, a bit on the greasy side unfortunately.


The curry is really good and tasty, the fact that you can choose the level of spiciness just adds to the quality of the curry. The meat of the tonkatsu (fried pork cutlet) was a bit on the dry side and we like it juicy. The average dish price is around 800 yen, which is not the cheapest but not very expensive either. I can really recommend people going there. You get a lot of food, a lot of choices and the curry is great!


4 Comments to “Curry House CoCo”

  1. Zack
    19 November, 2010

    Love me some CoCo’s. I kinda just point to stuff on the menu and see what happens tho lol

  2. Chimio
    11 December, 2010

    Last time I went in Coco house I tried えびフライサラダ too, and I loved it.
    I was wondering, could we just take a salad there ?
    May be weird since it’s a curry place but still

  3. 11 December, 2010

    I don’t think there is something wrong about going in there and going for a salad. As long as you buy something it should be fine ;)

  4. Chimio
    12 December, 2010

    Thanks for your reply =)
    I think I will try soon

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