Sweet corn crisps

23 Apr, 2010

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Being in a foreign country it’s fun to try different kinds of food. Especially in Japan, because they have really different stuff. So one of the things we bought at the Daiso 100yen store in Shibuya (which is one of the biggest) is this bag of sweet corn crisps.

Being really curious as we are we had to try this. We opened the bag and all the crisps were in the shape of corn. So let’s try it! Grrrk Grrrk Grrrk (that’s the sound of crisps being eaten)…..eeehmmm…. yeah it tastes weird.

It really tastes like sweet corn…. crisps, the idea sounded better than the execution. It’s like Mortal Kombat the movie. It just doesn’t work out. At least that’s one thing we don’t have to try again.


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