Japanese Ikea!

17 Apr, 2010


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After we got settled into our new apartment, next thing to go to is of course: IKEA!! The nearest IKEA for us was at Funabashi station, we had to transfer 2 times and it took us about an hour to get there. It wasn’t a cheap ride either, but hey it’s worth it! We finally arrived.

So what’s the difference between Dutch and Japanese IKEA’s? Well there wasn’t much difference. They sell pretty much the exact same products here and also the rooms are decorated the same way as the rooms in Amsterdam (small apartments). But we did find some differences. ;)

Number 1: the snack corner. Like every other IKEA they sell hot dogs and ice cream at the cash registers at the end. But here in Tokyo they have the (typical Japanese) ticket machines to buy it. Gotta love that!

Also, they have different ketchup bottles. Here’s Remi getting some ketchup..

Difference number 2: Have you noticed Japanese people sleep just about everywhere. Most common place is the subway/train/bus. Department stores are also a good place to sleep. Not surprisingly they also sleep at the IKEA! Have to try that next time…

He probably doesn’t know there are a ton of beds just a few steps further…

All in all we bought some simple stuff to make living in our new apartment nicer. No big things. But it’s fun to see how things are different around here.


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2 Comments to “Japanese Ikea!”

  1. 22 April, 2010

    Awesome!!! Funabashi is the first store of IKEA in Japan.
    I have helped to build it and lived three months in a hotel next to the Lala Port shopping center there.
    The cool thing about that machine in the Bistro is that it accepts the Suica cards.
    Who needs cash in Tokyo right!!!

  2. 22 April, 2010

    I don’t use the Suica card to pay for stuff :P

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