Yatta another Lawson 100!

25 Apr, 2010

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Yeap we moved to Kudan but we found another Lawson 100 in the neighborhood. I was so afraid that we were not able to find one and this one is pretty close too!

Lawson 100 in Ichigaya:

We also encountered one today in Asakusa:

Front of the Lawson 100 in Asakusa

Why are we so happy to find these? Just to compare, a liter of milk at our “regular” supermarket is 208円 at Lawson100 it is 105円 (100 + 5% tax) and that is just the milk. Although they don’t have everything there, I’m loving it…

Yeap budget living to it’s fullest.


One Comment to “Yatta another Lawson 100!”

  1. 26 April, 2010

    Bij die lawson van Asakusa was ik ook geweest! Daar had ik nog wat spullen gehaald en mijn “face masks” haha..

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