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23 Nov, 2011

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Recently we were in Japan and meet up with friends to go to our annual China holidays, this time we wanted to travel around Japan as well, But our trip started with a delay from Amsterdam to London Heathrow, making us miss our flight to Japan! Thank you British Airways (we didn’t even get a reimbursement even after asking it). So instead of being on our way to Tokyo we spent our day in hell.. err Heathrow.

Arriving in Japan

So a day later as planned and gradually turning into zombies, we arrived at Haneda Airport at 04.55am. Eventually at around 8.30am we got into a Shinkansen, finally on our way to Kobe, where we arrived at about 12.30pm. All this traveling made us so exhausted we just fell in our beds after checking in at R2 Hostel Kobe.

Sooo after our nap it was time to really kick-off our trip! Kobe is a modern city due to the Hanshin earthquake that occurred on January 17, 1995. Many lives were lost and large parts of the city were devastated. Since than the city has been rebuild with a lot of modern architecture. Unfortunately for us we didn’t have a lot of time to explore Kobe.

Once we were done shopping, we walked further along the bay, to take a closer look at Kobe’s most iconic architectural structures; the Kobe Port Tower (left) and Maritime museum (right). The cool thing about Japan is, they always light up their buildings properly, making them really stand out when the sun sets.

Food in Kobe

We were still exhausted but now also getting hungry, so it was time for some food.

We were thinking about getting grade A5 (highest quality) Kobe beef, but settled for the other extreme; Curry rice with beef in Kobe from Sukiya. For 1/10th the price I probably enjoyed this just as much as I would enjoy the Kobe beef, ooohw how I’ve missed my curry rice.


All in all, Kobe has a lot more to offer than we have seen. But deep down inside it feels like Yokohama’s less talented little brother and is not really that special.

Next up, our trip to Mount Koya.


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