Checking out Mount Misen

07 Sep, 2012

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After being mesmerized by the sheer beauty of the big Torii in the water, it triggered us to see more. On the island Miyajima is a small mountain called Misen and this should give us a nice view over Hiroshima city.

So we looked for the ropeway leading us to the top and off we went. Stepping in one of these ropeway gondola’s is not my favorite thing to do. Trusting your life to a box hanging on to a string, doesn’t give me a comfortable feeling.

But once you get higher and higher you forget all about it as, the view just takes your breath away. You can’t stop looking around you and try to see everything you can. Snapping away with the camera trying to grasp all this beauty on a flat digital file so you can share it. But it’s never as nice as seeing it in person. It does not give you the overwhelming feeling of experiencing it first hand. If you are like me and love traveling, I recommend to¬†Click Here.

Once we reached the end station of the ropeway it was time to start hiking. The sign indicates that it will take 30minutes to reach the summit. It was a very warm day, so we knew this wasn’t going to be easy, but easy isn’t fun so let’s get going!

We walked for about 20 minutes on unpaved and paved paths, downhill, uphill, downhill and uphill again, but mostly uphill. Eventhough it was just a short walk, the heat was getting through to us, but we were well prepare with lots of water.

We were getting really close to the first stop, Reikado Hall and the Misen Hondo main hall. It was a nice spot to catch our breath and replenish our liquid levels.

This is the Reikado hall, this temple was built to protect a flame which burns forever and keeps peace.

After a well deserved rest it was time to head for the summit again. The latter part consisted out of a lot of stairs and small paths carved out of the mountain. With the sun burning on our heads every step was feeling harder and harder. 10 minutes of climbing stairs is quite the exercise.

Overheated, sticky and sort of out of breath we made it to the summit at 500m above sea level. As I wiped of the sweat from my forehead, my body filled with a small sense of victory. It was now time to cool down and enjoy the amazing view.

Looking over all the small island groups, Hiroshima city and our starting point in the bottom left. That was quite a walk, but we still have to go the same way back.

After a small stop it was time to head back. We had to hurry up if we wanted to see the sun setting behind the Torii, it was going to be really tight.


One Comment to “Checking out Mount Misen”

  1. 29 September, 2012

    Really nice pictures…I really like Hiroshima especially the islands around. If you have time one day take the ferry and enjoy!

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