Road Trip Izu Peninsula – 2

18 Jan, 2011


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Our road-trip continues after visiting the Kadowakizaki suspension bridge and it was time for us to grab some food! Which reminds me, another really convenient thing about Japan is the enormous amount of roadside restaurants. If you would have to visit every single one on a road trip, you’ll soon be too big to get into your car. The signs lead you to exactly where you wanna go, so keep a look out for huge signs, if you don’t understand the language as a local who knows english. Usually the signs will have english on them as well, you will also see many cars with wrap jobs done. For a friend, car wrap perth did the trick, they offer great service and they indeed sell signs, billboards, banners and more! Do check out the link.

Gasuto restaurant

As we headed towards our next destination we passed a few restaurants, but having so much choice also has a downside, you always keep looking for the next one. This is because there might just be another one that you really want to go to! After some time we were so hungry we just picked one and it happened to be a ガスト (gasuto). I have seen these fairly often but never had tried it. So we parked the car…. I´m glad that we got rid of our old car because it would have not lasted this entire road trip, we were able to buy our new one thanks because I was able to sell my clunker at a great price.

Ebi Furai

and before I knew it I already devoured most of my meal and forget to take a picture! So this is the fried shrimp that was left from my burger-fried-shrimp-sausage-potato-broccoli-rice-and-soup-combo-meal. Believe it or not, this is actually quite standard on a Japanese menu and I love it.

Udon in nabe

Pui-Yuk was enjoying her Nabe (pan) Udon, which she enjoyed as well. The restaurant itself looked quite old fashioned and very similar to family restaurants in Japan, guess they are too lazy to come up with something else. But who cares, the food is good… Damn I miss it so much…

Lotus Exige Cup 260 in parking lot

So mission accomplished our stomachs are filled, it’s time to move on with our race bread road warrior, the Lotus Exige Cup 260 (*drool*, some people might know that the exige is my dream car) What a delight it is to drive around in this little beast. After this post I’ll share my experiences with this car, and other cars I try as well, since they are easy to get from dealerships at
Lotus Exige CUp 260 back drop

Picture time! As we were driving along the coast line of Izu Peninsula and enjoying the ride, the fresh air from the sea and a island in the background, we just had to stop here for a picture.  But soon after we were on the road again towards our next destination.

Remi giving the Lotus Exige Cup 260 some love

Until we saw this amazing looking harbor for some more pictures and, I just have to give the Exige some more love (<3). This is really my type of car. Soon after we figured out that we already drove too far so we had to turn back and find the place where we want to go. Not everything is easy to find with a navigation system.

Arriving at the beach

But soon after we reached our destination, the sun started to set which make this country even more beautiful than it already is.

Beach house

So we arrived at Shirahama Beach, this is a white sand beach and one of the most popular beaches in Izu Peninsula. Apparently it’s also good for surfing. But you all must be thinking “Oooh woo a beach, with white sand that’s not that special” (or maybe not but anyways) ….

Beach with torii

They have this! Just by adding a Torii combined with the amazing Japanese landscape, it makes this sight just breathtaking. With a fresh, but slightly cold, breeze on this absolutely deserted beach we headed towards the Torii.

Izu Peninsula Torii

Standing next to the Torii and on the other side of it, just made this place really special and beautiful. This really is a nice place to visit and just relax and enjoy the view. As the sun was slowly setting we knew we had to hurry to our next destination before it got dark.

Double loop bridge in the mountains

So we quickly hit the road again and were heading towards the Kawazu Seven Falls, on the way there we saw this Kawazu Nanadaru Loop bridge which was looking really impressive. Actually so impressive we missed the sign saying that we had to take the turn, quite funny to see that we actually have a picture of it. So we drove over the loop bridge and after about 10 minutes of driving we had the feeling that we missed something so, we went to one of the roadside restaurants to ask. They confirmed our suspicion and we quickly headed back.

The moon is up and it's getting dark

Once we arrived where we had to be the moon was already making it’s appearance and the sun almost completely disappeared.

One of the 7 waterfalls in Izu Peninsula

So we quickly went down a slope where the biggest of the 7 waterfalls was located. The path to the waterfall was actually quite weird and creepy. We had to walk through an onsen resort to get to the waterfall. But once we were there it was quite impressive to see. There was actually an open air onsen next to the waterfall, although there was nobody there it’s an excellent location for one. As it was getting seriously dark at 16.30 (damn early!) we decided to go back to Tokyo and grab something to eat before we arrived home.


In a very small town about halfway back home we were getting seriously hungry so time for a stop to get some sushi! Although the place didn’t look very nice the sushi was excellent! Maybe even the best we had during our whole stay.

Looking back it was a really nice trip again and Japan has so much beauty to offer, it really is an amazing country. Having a fully Japanese navigation can sometimes be sort of frustrating because you don’t understand every single detail of it, but hey it’s better than nothing.

Next up a review of the Exige Cup 260.

Camera’s used
Pui-Yuk: Canon 450D 18-55mm F3.5-5.6(kit lens)
Remi: Canon 550D 50mm F1.8


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  1. 19 January, 2011


    I did that drive and a few detours a while back when I had my roadster in Late march.
    I went most of the places you did and some other interesting stuff.

    It’s a nice place and you need more than 2 days. So many small places to go.

    Check my road trip here.

  2. 19 January, 2011

    Yeah 2 days or maybe even 3 days would be more suitable for doing this. It would be advisable to go when the suns stays up for a longer period.

    I like your blog post, must have been amazing to drive there with the NC Roadster.

  3. Gary
    22 January, 2011

    Food, nature and cars, the best combination!

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