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25 Sep, 2012

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We know we haven’t been very active on posting blogs anymore, but we’re happy so say we’re heading back to Japan for holidays!! Soon we’ll be flying off to Asia and also visit our beloved Japan. It’s been too long!!

So let’t talk about all the things we’ve been missing, and all the things we’ll be doing once we’re back from our trip with!

First: Watch the beautiful Japanese sunsets. Don’t know what it is about the Japanese sunsets, it’s simply magical. Once it gets dark, and the sun turns into an orangy yellowish colour, it just takes your breath away. You can’t help but to take one step back, sit down, and enjoy the moment (+ take a few pictures).

Sunset in Takayama

Japanese mountains. One of the things we love so much about Japan is it’s beautiful nature and views. There’s just so many mountains in Japan, once you’re outside Tokyo you see them everywhere. Maybe it’s just something we miss because we have no mountains in Holland. But everytime we go back, we just love the view.

Japanese food & drinks. We’ve been missing quit a lot of the Japanese dishes. We’ve trying to recreate them at home here in Holland, but it’s just not the same. Once we’re back, we’re gonna stuff our faces with: ramen, sushi, kare rice, omurice, melon pan, udon, soba, all the different donburi’s, tempura, tonkatsu, yakiniku, pocky, Qoo, CC Lemon… yep I could go on forever. I even miss the american dogu from the conbini!!

One thing I HAVE to eat there is my all time favourite Japanese dish ever: Houtou. Though we’re heading to the north of Japan this trip, I have to find a way to go to this place near Mt. Fuji where they sell the best Houtou ever. You can’t get it anywhere outside of Japan, they don’t even sell it in Tokyo..

Visit conbini’s. Conbini’s are just the best thing ever! You can get anything you want: snacks, magazines, underwear, chips, banana’s, pencils, drinks, cigarettes, bread, socks, cleaning supplies, really ANYTHING! It’s unbelievable we don’t have these 24/7 stores in Holland. What a shame..

Visit onsen. Definitely a no-brainer. We plan to go hiking a lot this trip since we’re in the north, there’s no place better than the onsen after a tiring day. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the natural hot springs. Preferably the outdoor onsen’s are the best.

Stay tuned for more posts prior to our upcoming trip!!


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