Caterham shoot: Behind the scenes

24 Feb, 2011

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Some time ago we released a video about a Caterham SuperLight R300 going around Route246 a track from Gran Turismo. Recently I played some GT5 with some friends and had to think back about how this video was shot.

Long exporsure shot Tokyo

It all started on a cold november morning. I agreed to meet up with Justin Gardiner from Caterham Japan, Dino Dale Carbonare and Martin Selva at 06.00am in front of the Sony building near Akasaka, Tokyo. As I arrived early I just took the time to take a this long-exposure-freaking-early-in-the-morning shot just in front of the building.

Anchor Bike in front of Sony building Tokyo

The meeting point was really close to our house, so that’s why I took the bike which only took 15 minutes. As for camera gear I brought with me my Canon 550D with the standard 18-55mm lens, a canon 50mm F1.8 lens and my Canon HF100 (camcorder).

Caterham shoot early in the morning

At 06.00 first Justin arrived and later Dino also arrived. Dino was going to pilot the camera car but also brought some suckers to stick the HF100 to the car. Martin was a bit late because he couldn’t find the building and was blaming google maps on his iPhone. When we picked him up he was all sweaty from running around (haha). He did bring his tripod for me to borrow.

Caterham shoot camera setup

We first started by driving around the track with the camera mounted to the side of the car. Every “lap” we changed the camera position, especially after we saw that the camera was shaking severely because of the not-so-shake-proof body panels of the caterham. In the end we did 5 laps and during those 5 laps I also tried to shoot some hand-held footage with the 550D. I can tell you that was not very successful.

Caterham skid mark

After doing the 5 laps we went to some intersections. We needed some fly-by footage, just to make sure we get enough material for a clean lap without stops and goes. And of course to make sure you don’t fall asleep while watching the video. While doing this I really missed a good zoom lens, to make those awesome zoomed in shots. The skid mark in the photo is what happens when you brake hard with a Caterham in a corner.

Caterham Superlight R300 cockpit

The stig can’t operate an iPhone with his racing gloves to call the camera car, because he was missing! Where did he go, did he fall asleep from all the waiting?

Caterham hood / bonnet open

At this point it was already close to 10.00am and we had been shooting for about 4 hours, we still had some corners to shoot. So the boys were checking out what was under the hood to kill some time, while Justin was driving back and forth to do the same thing over and over again until we were satisfied.

Japanese police car

All this driving around at illegal speeds caught the attention of the police too. Although they didn’t say anything they were sure paying close attention to us. But hey it’s not every day you see a Caterham driving around in Tokyo.

Caterham Superlight R300

As it was already nearly 12.00 and we didn’t have time for breakfast or coffee it was time to wrap up. Not knowing if we had all the footage we needed we knew that we needed some energy and called it a day.

Rolling shot caterham Superlight R300

Not before Dino took us to his favorite coffee place in Tokyo, where we could finally take a break and get our well deserved coffee. All in all it was a lot of work for a 4 minute clip, but ooh so fun sitting shotgun in a Caterham.


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  1. Leon van Maurik
    15 March, 2011

    As usual great story with awesome pictures! Keep posting more and more and more :)

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