Video: Japan trip 2008 – Departure

22 Feb, 2011


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This is a video from the archive, it’s actually pretty old. In 2008 we also went to Japan, we traveled around Japan for 19 days and this is the video from the departure. It’s fun to look back and see how we perceived things differently and how the video is shot and edited. Good old times. Enjoy!


5 Comments to “Video: Japan trip 2008 – Departure”

  1. 23 February, 2011

    :) Classic!!!

  2. Marcelobtp
    24 February, 2011

    Thanks for this journey, i really like all your videos and photos, good music selections, i discovered Calvin harrys from one of them, haha.
    I’m an amateur photographer, and a fan of the japanese culture and people, you people gave me more courage and interest to visit, i live in Brasil, so is basically on the other side of the world to me, literaly, but i’m decided to do it!
    Thank you read your blog was a fantastic experience.

  3. 24 February, 2011

    That is great, I can only tell people to go! It is an amazing country and you will not regret going.

    It’s really nice to hear that all the time we put into maintaining this blog is not for nothing.

  4. Ferran
    25 April, 2011

    Hi,great video!! good quality!! song please? from spain,good job!;)

  5. 25 April, 2011

    Hi Ferran, thanks!

    The music is Air – Mer du Japon.

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