Yay: Roof top terrace

27 Apr, 2010

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After 8 stories of womens clothing at shinjuku marui (0101) you’re craving for some lounging. Here is the solution, Q-court, On top of the roof they just built a mini park.

Free, clean, relaxing and somehow the air is fresh too. With some sunshine this is absolutely amazing. Too bad we don’t have this on top of our apartment building :(

And of course this wasn’t Japan if there weren’t loads of people sleeping there….

picture of the roof terrace with people sleeping in the lounge chairs

and some are just really funny

Picture of person sleeping in lounge chair with a news paper covering his head


One Comment to “Yay: Roof top terrace”

  1. Kimberly
    7 May, 2010

    Hmm lovely sunshine! We’re staying in a hotel in shinjuku! Must visit this!! ;-)

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