Cup Noodles Eco Style

22 Oct, 2010


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I think most people know or ate Nissin’s Cup Noodle. They now have something new! Cup Noodles Eco Style. Instead of using a plastic cup they now have real reusable cups! So instead of buying the old style cup noodles every time and throw away the cup you just buy the contents, put in the cup and add water.

Cup noodle Eco Style

Here the cup is still in the packaging, you can see the shape of the cup is the same as the traditional cup noodles.

Cup noodle Eco Style

I think it’s a great idea and saving the environment at the same time. The refills are also cheaper than buying the cup noodles.

But in all honesty we haven’t bought the refills yet and just bought the cup because they look so awesome! Don’t you think so?


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8 Comments to “Cup Noodles Eco Style”

  1. Warren
    18 November, 2010

    But what about the refill packaging?
    Anyway I’m def gonna buy that back in Japan!

  2. Tommy
    19 November, 2010

    can i get this in america? lol

  3. 19 November, 2010

    That I don’t know. But I think it’s pretty new here in Japan. Might take some time to get to America.

  4. 19 November, 2010

    You want to know what it looks like?

  5. Gary
    19 November, 2010

    Remi and PY, if you can buy for me, please let me know ;). Much appreciated.

  6. 19 November, 2010


    I can send it to you no problem, I have sent one to someone else already ;)

  7. Benzo
    21 November, 2010

    I love these little things about japan. such cool products. I love your site also can’t wait to go back to japan myself

  8. Vica
    21 May, 2013

    can you sent me too to singapore ??

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