More than 1 month back in Holland

31 Jan, 2011


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After more than one month being back home it’s time to look back on the amazing time we had in Japan. And when we’re looking back, we realize that there are quite a few things we’re missing about the land of the rising sun. Besides the usual stuff like our good friends and good food, there’s also a lot of small things we learned to appreciate while being back home.  Time to share them with you! So let’s start with a new series of blog posts: “Things I miss about Japan”!

First up, something you normally wouldn’t think about reading… Japanese toilets.

Not only are all the public toilets free of charge in Japan (in Holland we have to pay about 50 euro cent to visit the toilets), but they’re also the most high tech ones in the world. When entering the room some toilets have lids that automatically raise when you’re near the toilet! First thing you see (besides the toilet) is all sorts of buttons everywhere. Usually there are buttons for flushing (for a number 1 or number 2) but also a lot of buttons for the ass-cleaner (bidet). But it’s not just any bidet, it has buttons for the temperature, angle and pressure of the squirt, how many options do you want? There’s also an option for us women, the “feminine wash”. So hygienic!

But it doesn’t stop here, there’s more. They always have a button for “music”. For the shy people you can use this button to muffle certain “sounds”, basically either for farting or doing a number 2. Sometimes they play real music, but most of the time it just plays the sound of a flushing toilet. Try not to be shocked, as it can be quite loud!

But my most favorite feature about the Japanese toilets are the warm seats. The toilet seat warms itself which is so nice on a cold morning…

When looking around the public toilet for women there will most likely be a child seat in the corner. Even in the smaller size toilets there’s a child seat in the corner. For the mothers doing shopping alone, you can put your child in the seat so you can keep an eye on him/her while doing your thing! And for everyone else, we can put our (shopping)bags on it… Very convenient!

Usually the toilet area (for women) in a shopping mall is huge. With separate area’s for the toilets, to wash your hands and to do your make up; a powder room. It has large mirrors everywhere and also good lighting, which is of course important for touching up.

I  saw this one during our last road trip. We stopped at some restaurants and shops on the highway to take a toilet break. When entering the toilet area there was a big screen TV displaying all the available toilets. You can imagine how big it was…! Green is when it’s available and red for occupied, there was no one there when I took this picture apparently.

All the different icons show what’s where. At the bottom of the screen there’s a place to wash your hands, powder area’s, a changing room (to put on different clothes..) and a little urinal for little boys. Among the western toilets, Japanese style toilets (hole in the ground) can also be found. As well as handicap toilets, toilets with and without child seats, diaper changing rooms, etc.

Compared to normal toilets in Holland, this all looks pretty amazing. It makes a trip to the loo way too pleasant sometimes :-). Can’t wait till this hype comes to Holland!

(Damn, who knew I could write this much about toilets..!?)


4 Comments to “More than 1 month back in Holland”

  1. maGz
    1 February, 2011

    I do miss the warm toilet seats also. It’s less “shocking” especially during middle of the night/cold mornings…:D

  2. Gary
    2 February, 2011

    Yeahhh, I do miss the warm seats too. Wow it was so nice the whole day :-)! But you can buy also in the Netherlands.

  3. 6 February, 2011

    The warm seats are great but I really loved the ones which had a slot for a memory card.
    You could just put your favorite music on an SD card and stick it in the side of the bowl.
    Listen to your favorite music while being on a toilet is just awesome. I have also seen a few on a Japanese show which had neon lights and other disco stuff on the inside of the bowl.
    Can you imagine that!!!

  4. 29 August, 2011

    I love Japanese toilets too, always miss them when I come back home :(

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