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13 Sep, 2010


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After being away from home for more than 5 months, there are things I’ve been longing for and miss of course. Just wanted to tell you about my favorite things about home in Holland :).

Number one is of course my family and friends. We still email or skype with each other, but it’s so different from actually being with them in real life. When they tell me the things that have happened I feel like I miss so much. But thanks for keeping me updated though!

Playing with my little nephew, Sean. Because he’s still so young I miss a lot of his growing up things from when we left Holland. In 5 months this little baby has learned to sit, stand, eating regular food and he’s already growing his first little front teeth. I feel bad I’m missing these kind of things…

My car. The freedom of just hopping into my car and driving to my destination is great. Here I’m dependent of public transport, which is pretty good in Tokyo. But still I miss to drive a car. When we went on the road trip to the drifting matsuri and rented a car, it felt really good to drive again. Although it was in the wrong side of the car, and on the wrong side of the road, it felt nice! My car in Holland is still waiting for me in Hilversum, poor thing hasn’t been moved in 5 months (I hope).

My comfortable bed. Sorry this is the only picture I have of my bed, with Sean laying in it :). The bed we have here is so hard. I’m still not used to a hard bed. Why do Japanese ppl love such a hard bed? My back hurts after sleeping in it!

Being rich. In Holland I used to work full-time, I had enough money to spend and go and buy things every now and then. Right now I’m just a poor student, working my ass of to pay the rent and food. Unfortunately I don’t have so much money to do as much shopping as I want to. Haven’t gone shopping for months I think! It’s a hard knock life! (In this picture I was actually buying my first car — There are many options available to obtain a 24 hr title loan online or by visiting a store. When a fast title loan is the priority, be sure to find a lender that can approve your loan quickly and get you cash in a hurry.

Brown bread, fresh oven bread. I haven’t eaten any brown bread here since we came to Japan, that’s 5 months no brown bread! Can’t believe most Japanese only eat white bread. Or maybe we’re just to cheap ass to buy expensive bread. Nowadays we only eat the 100 円 bread from Lawson 100, because it’s so cheap :P.

Tosti and “saucijzenbroodje”! We don’t have a tosti maker so I haven’t eaten it for so long. I used to eat tosti almost everyday back home. Good tosti with cheese and salami or ham.. yum! Also good cheese for bread is hard to find. I just want “Jonge Kaas”, but can’t find it anywhere. So buying a toast maker wouldn’t help a lot, since I can’t find the ingredients.

Saucijzenbroodje is just typically dutch. Nowhere in Tokyo can you find this.

Appelflap, so good!

Drop, liquorish. Also typically dutch. Can’t find it anywhere. My favorites are salmiak drop. I don’t eat much of the candy they sell here, just not my kind of thing. I’ve always been more of a drop-person rather than a fruity sweets one.

Vlaamse friet, Belgian fries. In Tokyo they usually have the French fries. No thick and juicy Belgian fries with mayonnaise to be found in Japan. Also they don’t serve mayonnaise with their fries, only ketchup.

Chinese food, for example Egg tarts. I have a Hong Kong-nese classmate and ever since he came we have been talking about egg tarts and dim sum. This is also really hard to find in Tokyo. We had dim sum once in Yokohama but it wasn’t that great unfortunately.

Cha Siu Pau. It’s so good and I miss it! It’s a good thing we’re probably going to Hong Kong to visit relatives when we finish the course here in Japan. I miss a lot of Chinese food.

Going to the movies. I love movies, so in Holland we used to go to the movies in Amsterdam every weekend. We had a subscription at the movie theater, which meant we could go see movies as many times as we wanted. It was only 18 euro’s each month! Here in Tokyo it costs 1.800 yen (16,25 euro) to see a movie at the theater, it’s crazy expensive!

Of course fruits are also sold in Tokyo, but the big difference is the price! And for vegetables it’s the same thing, too expensive! I just refuse to pay 2 euro for 1 apple or 1 orange. So nowadays we eat a lot of banana’s (which is the only cheap fruit there is) and kiwi’s, cause we need the vitamins.

Can’t think of more things at the moment. It seems like the things I miss are mostly food, which means I can live without it. And though we miss our family and friends, in the end the experience of being here and living our lives in Tokyo is worth it. Most likely the number of things that make living in this country so great, is much more than the number of things listed above.  Anyway, we will return back to Holland… eventually (I think)! By then I would make the list of things I miss about Japan… So am I homesick? Nahhh, I don’t think so!


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  1. 21 September, 2010

    That’s so true with the expensive theater tickets. I used to live on a military base up north at Misawa and thankfully there was a movie theater on base with reasonable pricing. However, if you go off base to a Japanese movie theater, the pricing is unbelievably high!

  2. 28 September, 2010

    I don’t know how long your staying in Japan, or if your living there for good but, have you ever thought about importing your Civic and registering it there so you can drive it? Just something I would do. :)

  3. 29 September, 2010

    I think it would be cheaper for Pui-Yuk to buy a civic here. But we are not going to stay here for that long anyhow so it wouldn’t make sense.

  4. Katy
    6 November, 2010

    oh god Pui Yuk, why do you miss your car :P after all the insult Eric and I made about it being old and you still miss it?! hahaha!

    Hopefully we’ll see each other soon, :)

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